Sunday, March 11, 2012

Shou Sumiyaki

Shou Sumiyaki
160 Little Bourke St, Melbourne
(Ph) 9654 3933

P and I were going to have yum cha at Crystal Jade but just as we were going to step up, P stops outside Shou Sumiyaki and looks at the Lunch Set Menus. He said he wanted to try it instead even though I told him it's going to be expensive and small xp

There was a 5 minute wait 'cause they hadn't expected so many people to come for lunch - they opened up the tatami seating area at the back for us. P walks up with his shoes on and gets told off by the waiter - sigh =P

P wanted to get the Japanese BBQ Lunch Set Menu - traditional Japanese Style Cooking where fresh meat, seafood and vegetables are placed on a mesh and grilled over direct charcoal flame. All lunch BBQ set include Kaisen Harumaki (deep fried seafood spring rolls) with Japanese Wafu Salad, Steam Rice and Miso Soup.

He wanted wagyu. Wagyu Beef (Premium Grade 7+ Black Wagyu Marble Beef) - Wagyu Rump Set $18.90 or Wagyu Scotch Spencer Set $24.90. Of course he'd go for the more expensive one - the scotch =P

I was really cold so I wanted some ramen. Ramen & Soba Lunch Set Menu - Ramen Set include Tonkatsu Ramen (Japanese style noodles with pork bone soup served with cha shu), Wagyu no Niku Jaga (braised Wagyu & Vegetable Side Dish) with your choice of appetiser. I got gyoza as my appetiser - $14.90

So many condiments for just the wagyu beef - even though the waitress told us to use the soy one anyway =P

My ramen came first - I was happy 'cause I was freezing cold!

Was alright - looked quite a small bowl. The egg yolk was soft boiled but the egg white was kinda hard on the outside - I don't know how that can happen lol. There was only one piece of cha shu and there was so much bean shoots =( The ramen was kinda squiggly - kinda like instant noodle, so I was a bit suspicious whether the ramen was made in the restaurant...

P's BBQ starter came - looked pretty good!

The spring rolls were very tasty - couldn't really taste the seafood in it but anyway =P The salad was quite fresh too =)

P also decided to order Wagyu Korokke - Deep fried crumbed Wagyu beef mince & creamy mesh potato unit golden brown searer with TonKatsu sauce $9.50 but they had run out for the day =( so we got Kami Korokke - Deep fried crab cream croquettes $7.50 instead.

The waiter just said to get the crab one instead but we didn't realise it was "crab cream" - what is cram cream?! They did top the croquettes with crab roe though which was tasty =)

My gyoza appetizer finally came - like 20 minutes after I got my ramen =/

It was very disappointing though - they weren't even crunchy! How hard is it to fry dumplings?! And we didn't even realise, but I didn't get my Wagyu no Niku Jaga (braised Wagyu & Vegetable Side Dish)! Fully jipped! =( I only realised just as I started blogging about it boo =(

After 30 minutes, they came and gave us a hot grill plate and P's wagyu finally came - 8 thin slices of wagyu beef. The waitress said to grill them 15 seconds on each side.


Was quite tasty - so fatty! But not as tasty as the ones we have in Japan. And not enough! 8 tiny slices! Though P said the small bowl of rice was actually very packed.

5/10 - was alright, pissed they jipped me of my side dish!

3/5 - they kept trying to clear our plates even though we hadn't finished yet =P

3/5 - I like tatami tables - we got the whole table to ourselves =)


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