Wednesday, June 26, 2013

One Thai

One Thai
346 Belmore Rd, East Balwyn
(Ph) 9857 9186

Catch up with E! We both felt like Thai food so I searched my Entertainment Book for something - this place seems to have good ratings on Urbanspoon so decided to check it out =)

We got here at 6pm - restaurant was empty but there were lots of "Reserved" signs on the table, and soon enough, the restaurant was packed - mainly with Caucasian people though =P

Of course we had to go for Pad Thai - stir fried rice stick noodles with eggs, ground peanuts, bean shoots and spring onion - chicken $14.50

<3 pad thai. The rice noodles were quite thin so absorbed alot of flavour. I like how the chicken bits are small and aren't chicken breast so not tough at all. Would have liked if they gave us more peanut bits though. What's with the random salad on the side? Our greens for the night lol =P

We also got a Masmun Curry - a milder red Thai curry paste cooked with potatoes, onions, coconut cream, topped with roasted cashew nuts - beef $18.50

This was quite tasty, coconutty and not too spicy - just how I like my curries =) I like the cashews on top which gave the curry some texture. Would have preferred if they gave us other vegetables instead of potatoes though but can't complain here it says so in the menu name.

E and I can't help our sweet tooth even though we were pretty full! Decided to share a dessert - can't remember what this was called exactly... something like Taro Balls in Coconut Cream

Fully wasn't expecting this! It was more like taro flavoured glutinous balls in a coconut cream soup which was hot - so why did they give us a scoop of icecream?! Was not too bad though =P

6/10 - not too bad overall, decent Thai food at reasonable price

3/5 - very quick and good service

2/5 - got quite busy and loud as the night went on


One Thai on Urbanspoon

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