Monday, January 7, 2013

Dukes of Waffles

Dukes of Waffles
B46, Shop 10, 744 Bourke St, Docklands
(Ph) 9602 4838

Found a coupon on LivingSocial - $10 for 2 Dessert Waffles. How could I say no to waffles? =P Had read some so-so reviews about this place saying they weren't open when they were meant to and running out of waffles etc etc - we decided to try our luck on a Sunday morning. Whee they had waffles for us =)

We sat outside under the warm sun waiting for our waffles while the owner, an Asian man, came and asked us for our voucher code.

We got the 2 most expensive waffles =P P got the Strawberry Sensation

Looks pretty good aye? The waffles were a bit disappointing though - they were quite soft and lacked the crunchiness you'd expect of waffles =( P's strawberries weren't that sweet - you'd think they would be though given it's summer time!

I got the Apple & Cinnamon

Mine was better than P's but the waffles were still quite soft - how could they be soft if they came straight from the waffle iron?! My apple and cinnamon mix was quite delicious though.

4/10 - what a disappointment soft waffles =( Maybe they need to leave them in the waffle iron for longer or slightly change the batter recipe but waffles need to have a crunch! I guess for $5 each not too bad.

3/5 - waitress were quite polite and food came quite promptly

3/5 - quite nice sitting under the sun =)


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