Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wong's Lucky Bar

Wong's Lucky Bar
921 Whitehorse Rd, Boxhill
(Ph) 9899 8558

I had read lots about the cheap mud crab/lobster here so though should check it out with P. We were walking along both sides of the road before we realised the restaurant is actually in the middle of the road at the tram stop! There is also a cafe next to it which looked quite empty compared to Wong's.

It's quite a small restaurant - when we asked for a table for 2, the waitress asked us to go into the sideway. We looked at her blankly before we realised there's actually 3 tables of 2 in this little alley that you go in from the back of the restaurant. So you're sitting with this glass wall separating you and the main part of the restaurant. I wonder why they couldn't just knock down the glass wall and just expand the main area of the restaurant? There's an aircon right at the end of the alley so it was actually very cold sitting there =/ And the waiters have to squeeze past the tables to go to the back to clear tables/take orders - it's all very awkward =/

They have set menus for mud crab or lobster, or you can order the dish separately ($13.80 per pound of mud crab - pretty cheap!) but the smallest one they had for the day was 2.5 pounds which was a bit too much for just the 2 of us for lunch, and given P was slightly sick, we decided to give it a miss today and just come back with more people next time. I ordered their other famous dish here - Hainanese Chicken

Very good presentation for a quick Chinese restaurant! Comparable to the Hainanese Chicken at Coconut House =) The chicken pieces were all boneless and were soft and succulent - I didn't touch the chilli at the end but the spring onion mix was a nice accompaniment. The chicken rice was full of flavour and not too oily, and the soup was full of MSG but quite tasty nonetheless.

Since P was sick, he got the Fish Fillet Congee

Should have taken a picture of the fish fillets - they were quite generous with the fish and even though you know they just put the fish into some white congee and cook it just a little together, the congee wasn't too bland =)

Every time we walk past the food court at Boxhill P always eyes longingly at the shop that sells Asian street foods - in particular at the fried chicken wings. But every time after lunch, he's always too full for it so he's been craving it for ages. So when he found they had it on the menu here, even though he was sick, he ordered some Fried Chicken Wings =_______=

Soo soo oily but what do you expect of fried chicken wings? Still it was oilier than normal, like oilier than KFC - we were soaking them on the tissues =/ But it satisfied P's craving =P

7/10 - not bad for some cheap Asian food, definitely will want to be back for the mud crab another day!

2/5 - waiters are very prompt with orders and food came very quickly, but don't expect to come here to have a long relaxing meal!

2/5 - felt quite cramped sitting in the side alley but I guess it's a bit of privacy? =P


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