Monday, April 1, 2013

Aya Teppanyaki

Aya Teppanyaki Restaurant
1193 High St, Armadale
(Ph) 9822 6686

P's birthday I decided to take him to Aya Teppanyaki since he loves Japanese food. I found a deal on LivingSocial so even better =D

They have 2 main teppanyaki tables here and some a la carte tables too. Our booking was 6pm but we came earlier so the restaurant was empty - we waited till fellow LivingSocial guests arrived before they started serving us all together.

They started us off with some warm Sake - we're really not fans of Sake and I had asked the waiter whether we could change it to soft drink or something but she said no =/

Then came some Miso Soup - nothing too special, but definitely was freshly made.

Sushi and Sashimi Platter 

This is not much of a platter? =P Though the salmon was quite fresh.

Next was Skewered chicken, gyoza and breaded prawns

PrawnS with a "S" - I thought we'd get more than one of everything though it was done quite well.

Then came the House salad featuring Japanese-style dressing

Fresh salad to accompany the teppanyaki dishes. In front of us were 4 sauces - normal sushi soy sauce, one sauce for meat, one's for seafood and the other for whatever we feel like.

Finally the teppanyaki chef came to do his cooking performance. All the ingredients for the main dishes were ready at the side =)

First he did the Tiger prawns - big juicy prawns

Salmon fillet and seasonal vegetables - could have been cooked slightly less well done but was not bad.

The teppanyaki chef doing his show - he's so quick with the utensils! Was a shame he didn't do any throw and catch games like they usually do, maybe 'cause we were on a voucher?

Tada! Fried rice - Japanese shortgrain rice is so much tastier than Chinese longgrain rice =)

Last came the Tender wagyu beef

Done medium rare - this was the best dish of the night, the beef was so tender and juicy and just delicious!

5/10 - maybe because we came on a voucher, but felt like they jipped us on the portions, though we were very full by the end of it!

3/5 - the dishes were prepared very promptly, even the chef felt like he was rushing his cooking performance. I had told them it was a birthday but they didn't do anything, not even write "Happy Birthday" on the teppanyaki plate which wouldn't have been that difficult =(

4/5 - quite a nice small teppanyaki restaurant in the suburbs


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