Monday, April 15, 2013

Kimchi Lunchbox

Kimchi Lunchbox
650-652 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn
(Ph) 9818 1233

We've just moved into Hawthorn and were catching up with fellow Hawthorn buddies - I can finally go look in the "East" section in the Cheap Eats guide =) Thought we'd go locally - Kimchi Lunchbox was given ☆☆ by the Cheap Eats guide

We had walked past it a few nights ago and it was packed but on this weeknight it wasn't too full. It's quite casual here, you order and pay at the counter and help yourself to water here. We decided to share some starters Takoyaki - octopus ball

Even though I can make this at home myself with my own takoyaki pan, bonito flakes, Japanese mayo and takoyaki sauce =P The balls were quite crispy on the outside but the inside was 90% flour and only had the tiniest piece of octopus each - so stingy =(

We also got some Goon-man-doo - homemade pan-fried dumpling 

Interesting Korean dumplings - I asked for some dumpling sauce and the waiter pointed to the Soy sauce on our table hmm =/ it's quite different to Chinese dumplings or Japanese gyoza - the skin is different but was quite tasty and crispy =)

P decided to go for a Rice Hot Plate - Eating instructions 
a) Rice is pressed and cooked on the high temperature hot-plate. 
b) Mix well together with the meat of your choice. 
c) Flattened the mixed rice evenly on the hotplate
(their English is not great =P)

He went for the Spicy Chicken BBQ $9.50 and requested less chilli =P

He was starving when it came out so quickly mixed the meat with the rice and I don't know if it's because it was a cold night or whatever, but the hot-plate didn't crisp up the rice at all =( The chicken was alright, nothing too special, but they did manage to give us less chilli which most places say no to =)

I always get this at Korean restaurants - Bibimbap - means "mixed meat". A bowl of rice topped with seasoned vegetables, meat and mixed with korean chilli paste (gochujang). The ingredients are stirred together thoroughly

I got the Beef BBQ for $9.50

This didn't come topped with a fried egg like it normally does, but instead shreds of fried egg? lol. The stone bowl wasn't hot at all - the rice didn't crisp up at all - disappointment compared to the delicious Bibimbab's I've had elsewhere (see Oriental Spoon and By Korea)

4/10 - was disappointing neither our dishes crisped up the rice like they're meant to =( and don't call them takoyaki balls if they barely have any octopus in it! The dumplings are good though =)

1/5 - didn't really have much to comment on initially, but come 5mins to 9pm, the waiters come and take our cups of water away and really try to get you out of the restaurant =/ we were finishing up anyway but I don't enjoy being kicked out =(

3/5 - quite a big spacious restaurant, very casual atmosphere


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  1. Oooh Glenferrie Road your local hangout now?
    I like Axil coffee roasters you should check it out.

  2. Post is preaty good….beautiful fotos...
    I want to visit this Lunchbox too..
    Thank's author for that:)