Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Blossom Thai

Blossom Thai
278 Toorak Rd, South Yarra
(Ph) 9827 8599

Catch up with J and T =) Thought we should go somewhere near their place 'cause we can easily drive there. Flipping through the Entertainment Book I found a 25% off for Blossom Thai - seems to have quite good ratings on Urbanspoon so we decided to check it out. It's actually right next to Miss Chu which on this Friday night was packed with people lining up on the street, while Blossom Thai was still quite empty at 7pm. People starting coming soon after though and it ended up very busy too.

I like how they give us lemon water =) and 2 serviettes?! One white and one red - do they expect us to get quite messy? =P I guess it makes it look nice lol.

P wanted an entree which all seemed a little expensive but this sounded interesting. Golden Bags (4pcs) - chicken mince, corn and water chestnut wrapped in pastry lightly fried, served with tasty dipping sauce $9.90

Very delicate little packages - how do they wrap it up with more pastry like that?! Interesting presentation but nothing too special here. Should have gone for a Roti & Peanut Sauce entree instead!

They're quite vegetarian friendly here - most dishes you can get vegetarian, chicken or beef or prawn (in increasing order of price). Since T and I don't really like prawns we just went for chicken or beef which was the same price. I love red curry so we got Gaeng Dang (Red Curry) - Thailand's favourite red curry, Thai spices coconut milk and sesasonal vegetables - beef for $19.90

A very flavoursome non-spicy curry with lots of coconut cream <3

Also got a Pad Takai (lemon grass stir fry) - stir fried with chopped lemon grass, chilli and seasonal vegetables (on sizzling plate) - beef for $21.90

Came on a sizzling plate =D I always wonder why restaurants serve food on sizzling plates - it's not like the food is cooked on the plate, and the hot plate would just overcook the food? Not too bad as a stir fry dish but thought the lemon grass flavour didn't shine through as much as I would have liked.

We got 2 Jasmine rice ($3.90 per serve) and 2 Coconut rice ($4.90 per serve) to share - coconut rice is the only rice I actually love to eat <3 Full of flavour but not too wet - was delicious by itself or went very well with the curry and the stir fry =)

Last came our favourite Pad Thai - Thai style thin rice noodles with red onion, tofu, egg, chives, bean sprouts with home made Pad Thai Sauce - chicken for $17.90

Damn they gave us chicken breast =( The chicken was a bit tough and they gave us massive pieces instead of more bite size pieces which I would have preferred. The home made pad thai sauce was full of flavour - love the peanut and the raw bean sprouts on top =)

6.5/10 - after the 25% off was well worth the meal, but normal price is a little on the pricier side for Thai food but then again it is South Yarra =P definitely come get the coconut rice!

3/5 - friendly service here, very prompt in topping up our water =)

3/5 - nothing to complain about here


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