Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cupcake Central

Cupcake Central
Shop 7, 672 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn
(Ph) 9077 4542

I had an Entertainment voucher for Cupcake Central so had been meaning to try it out for ages! <3 Cupcakes!

They have standard cupcakaes at $4 each, or babycakes at $2.20 each. Or gift boxes - starting at 4 for $15 =)

They have a Cupcake flavour calender, rotating more than 20 flavours everyday - some popular flavours are baked everyday, while there are other daily specials. And they rotate the calender every season or so =) They're apparently the only cupcake bakery that bakes all their cupcakes daily from scratch each morning (but i'm not sure about that =/)

They only had one Salted Caramel left which is one of their daily flavours, and given we came at midday on Sunday, I fail to believe it was baked fresh that morning. So it was a little disappointing it was a little dry =( the cupcake was just a chocolate cupcake, the icing was mainly vanilla with some salted caramel on top - would have liked it better if the salted caramel was more within the cupcake too!

Cookies and Cream <3 I like how they put half an oreo on there - we ate this one the day after so the oreo was a bit soft =( But the cupcake was still very moist - vanilla and chocolate flavours - the beauty of cookies and cream =)

Vanilla Vanilla - vanilla vanilla and more vanilla! Nothing more to say but it was, like the others, super moist cupcake with a creamy icing.

So far all of them have been everyday baked flavours but Banoffee Pie was one of the flavours of the day - banana cupcake with toffee inside, caramel flavoured icing and crumb bits on top <3 this was my favourite - super moist cupcake with a light creamy icing =)

6/10 - not sure if I would pay full price for their cupcakes but I gotta say they're one of the best in Melbourne - compared to Cupcake Bakery's cupcakes which were sometimes dry these were much tastier!

3/5 - very friendly smiling waiter =)

2/5 - small cafe where you can sit and enjoy your cupcakes too, but we took ours away to enjoy at home

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