Saturday, December 10, 2011


673 Bourke St, Melbourne

We had walked past this cafe so many times before but it always looked so artsy and we thought they only served coffee here so never stepped inside it. But I saw it was in the Cheap Eats Guide with ☆☆ so thought should check it out =)

It's a very unique cafe - all their ingredients are organic and fair-trade, and either donated or bought at cost, and most of the workers are volunteers. All the profits go to charities - at the end of your meal, you put a coffee bean in the charity of your choice which gets converted to cash =)

The cafe has a very op shop feel - I'm pretty sure their tables and chairs are donated 'cause they're all different =P

And they don't really have a cutlery set either - their coffee/tea cups are all different =P

But they have very cool wall decorations! A bird cage with a fake bird...

A ladder bookshelf - how ingenious!

And very cool artwork on the wall =)

The waiter - she looked very young, like 15ish - volunteers of all ages! - came and explained the menu to us, which changes daily. P decided to get the Convent bakery sausage roll with leaf salad and relish $12.50

Sausage Roll

Was YUM! The salsa was delicious with the sausage roll - crispy pastry and filling full of flavour, though a touch too salty. The salad was very fresh - tasted like it came strange from the ground =)

I ordered the Poached chicken, avocado, Angel hair, cabbage & aioli open sandwich $9.50

Chicken Open Sandwich

Looks a little bit disappointing, but looks deceive! Chicken with cabbage and shaved almonds and avocado on fresh bread =) Not sure if there really was any Angel hair in it - couldn't really taste the pasta lol, but it was delicious like it was =)

We're not very Melbournian, not drinking coffee and not even trying a coffee at this coffee bean cafe, but it was just such a hot day I really didn't feel like it =X

After our meal, we took a coffee bean each, and put it in our charity of choice - though all 4 jars are quite full already =P Felt good helping charity =)

Convent bakery sausage roll with leaf salad and relish - 8/10 - delicious! Just a touch too salty  but very fresh and tasty overall =)

Poached chicken, avocado, Angel hair, cabbage & aioli open sandwich - 8/10 - yum! I'm not a fan of sandwiches normally but this was delicious!

3/5 - felt very artsy but it was nice with the sunlight streaming in, the chairs weren't very comfortable but it's all part of the cafe atmosphere!

4/5 - very good service, considering they're all volunteers! Explained our menu to us and took our orders quickly =)

Definitely will come back!


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