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Taste Gallery

Taste Gallery
Market Square Shopping Centre, 
Shop 20B, 341 McCullough St, Sunnybank, Brisbane
(07) 3423 8483

I didn't go out much when I went back to Brisbane, but one of the places I did want to try was the new Taste Gallery at Market Square. Seemed like it popped out of no where but then I realised Coco Fruit Market is not there anymore?

We got there at 7pm on a Sunday night - the waiter said there'd be a 15 minute wait, so we sat down and were given a MASSIVE menu, seriously so heavy and big and requires 2 people to hold it... how awkward =/ 

The decor is quite fancy here with chandelier and all, and kinda like Din Tai Fung where you can watch in the window at the chefs busy wrapping your dumplings =)

We only waited 5 minutes before they said there was a table for =) The tables here are very small, and feels too high compared to the chairs. And they cramped wayyy too many tables in, so you can barely walk between them to get to the bathrooms etc =/

And yes, the menu really did take up the whole table, no wonder the waiter only gave us one menu lol..

My parents decided to go all out 'cause I was only going out once with them this weekend =P

So of course we had to order Shanghainese steamed mini pork bun (8 pieces) $8.80

Xiao Long Bao

Mmmm my absolute favourite food in the whole wide world! <3 Skin was thin but not easily torn, and there was lots of delicious soup inside =) Meat wasn't too tough or anything - just the right size =) too bad they don't give free ginger slices here, which you're normally meant to eat with XLBs but I don't really like ginger anyway so I didn't really mind.

Their specialty here was the Multicolour's Mini Pork Buns (4 pieces) $6.50. It's really XLBs but with a coloured skin.

1. Spinach (green) - "taste the fresh spinach with pork dumpling"
2. Purple cabbage (purple) - "a magnificent feast of taste"
3. Pumpkin (yellow) - "unmistakable taste of Pumpkin"
4. Carrot (orange) - "these morsels are infused with pork and delicate the taste of the carrot"

Multicoloured XLB

Hmmm the orange doesn't really look orange - more like a brown lol. I had the spinach one, and if I really concentrate and use some imagination, you can "kinda" taste the spinach? Lol not really =P the soup and meat inside was the same as the normal XLBs and just as delicious =) though this skin was more delicate, my mum broke her's when she picked it up, probably 'cause they've mixed stuff in to the skin.

My parents had tried the Pan fried pork buns (4 pieces) $4.90 at Shangpaign Kitchen at Pinelands - it's opened by the same people but much smaller and less fancy there and smaller menu. They said the buns were very tasty so we ordered some too.

Pan fried pork buns

And yes indeed they were just as they're meant to be! Crunchy base with a much thicker bun compared to XLBs but still lots of soup inside - I'm pretty sure the inside meat and the soup is the same as XLBs?

Dad wanted a Panfried pancake stuffed with garlic chives, egg shreds and glass noodles - $1.80 each. He felt bad just ordering one, but we were ordering too much food, and we're Asian, can't feel bad about things like this =P

Chives pancake

Super crunchy on the outside =)

And lots of filling inside =) their own version of a 葱油饼 but chives instead of spring onions =)

My brother wanted to try the Potted broth with stewed Korean ginseng and duck $6.80
Functions: Effectively enhancing vitality, refreshing mouth, and stabilizing spirit - lol, whatever you say =P

Ginseng broth

It was full of flavour - I love double boiled soups =) Kinda oily but yeah, it's meant to be good for you =P My brother even ate the ginseng though I think it doesn't taste very nice - once you cook it in soup, the goodness gets into the soup, right?

Mum said she had always wanted to try the Crispy sweet and sour whole fish, but unfortunately they ran out of live fish and only have frozen fish for $23.80. When we asked the waiter what fish it was she said she didn't know and didn't even offer to ask for us or anything =/ But anyway, we decided to order it anyway.

Crispy sweet and sour fish

It was very crunchy, but my parents said they should have cut more slits into it so more bits of the fish were crunchy, they only made large cris-crosses in it. And the belly part was kinda bitter 'cause it wasn't fresh - boo =( They poured sweet and sour sauce over it, and the poured some cooked prawns over that as well?! the prawns weren't cooked with the sauce - weird lol.

My brother wanted to get the Stuffed with stir fried pork shreds and bamboo shoot strips with sour & spicy sauce $15.80, served with pancake (10 pieces) $5.00. He was choosing betweent his and Braised pork belly with chestnuts and brown sauce $17.80 - ugghh, that would 100% go to my butt lol.

Stir fried pork shreds

Kinda a mix between Peking Duck and San Choi Bao =) Though it was kinda too hot for my liking, and I don't like bamboo shoots so I wasn't really a fan =/ They only gave 10 pancakes and we didn't want to pay for more so we just got a doggy box and packed it home =P

We were SOO full after all this - could barely finish the fish and we were just sitting there like slobs =P and then my brother says he still wants to order his dessert =P Boiled glutinous rice balls in sweet rice wine (small) $4.50

Glutinous rice balls in rice wine

Lucky I don't really like these glutinous rice balls, especially not in fermented rice wine lol =P they said it was very tasty though =) kinda reminds me of soup rice - my grandpa used to put rice in soup so that the rice would soften... *shivers*

7/10 - overall was quite good, the best were the Shanghainese favourites, xiao long baos and fried pork buns =)

2/5 - felt a bit cramped and the tables were so small, lucky all the dishes are small so finish them rather quickly or we would not have fit all our stuff. They try to make it super fancy and high class but fail in so many aspects lol.

2/5 - we tried catching their attention soo many times to ask for extra bowls but they don't have enough people working =/

All in all was quite an enjoyable night though =)


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