Thursday, October 25, 2012


251 Brunswick St, Fitzroy
(Ph) 9416 2001

Fitzroy! The cafe central area =) W suggested Alimentari for lunch - a deli but also a cafe.

Behind the front counter are lots of delicatessen foods and sandwiches and other premade meals like lasagne etc, and above it hangs strands of garlic and other things. The cafe has 3 rooms with a few large wooden communal tables and some stools to sit against the window.

On the weekends they do breakfast all day long so of course I would go for breakfast =) I went for Poached eggs, hash brown, hollandaise, bacon, spinach $16

Hash browns are homemade and super crunchy! Eggs were poached beautifully with slightly runny yolk =)

P got Corn cakes, avocado salsa, bacon, poached egg $15

The corn cakes were not as crunchy as we would have liked but the inside was quite fluffy =) Slightly sweet so even though the bacon was a bit too salty it went well together. Too bad they only gave ONE poached egg?!

7/10 - breakfast food was quite good! Would love to come back and try the lunch menu next time =)

4/5 - very friendly waiters here

3/5 - a very cosy deli/cafe, W sat here for a few hours studying and they


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