Monday, October 8, 2012

Mrs Parma's

Mrs Parma's 
25 Little Bourke St, Melbourne
(Ph) 9639 2269

B's birthday! =) She loves parma so where else but Mrs Parma's!

It's a pub at the top end of the city - famous for their beers and of course their parmas. They say all their chefs are trained in the Art of Parmalogy.

The Art of Parmology - Invented, taught, trained & perfected by the chefs at Mrs. Parma’s…
Size Matters – 230g chicken breast hand crafted to the perfect thickness for guaranteed even cooking. Crumbed Daily – coated once in our special crumb mix daily to ensure crispness.
Traditional Napoli – Imported Italian tomatoes enhanced with onion, garlic and herbs then slowly simmered for hours.
Quality ingredients – award winning mozzarella and the finest ingredients sourced for sauces and toppings
Sides to compliment – crisp salad with tangy dressing and quality chips. Sides are never placed under the Parma to avoid wilted salad and soggy chips.
Love – prepared and cooked with love. Never processed, never frozen and never, ever deep fried.
Best enjoyed with a cleansing beer.

They also have bistro foods here but we weren't really interested in these =P P got a cider here (can't remember which brand) but it was quite bitter and neither of us liked it very much =/

With their parmas, you get a choice of chicken $24, veal $25.50 or eggplant $20, and about 10 toppings to choose from. And all parmas come with chips & salad on the side to share.

P went for the Original - double smoked ham, napoli & cheese with chicken

The parma is so big - pretty much fills the whole plate! It wasn't as good as we thought it would be - first few bites were good, but after a while the crumb went soft and soggy =( P thought there was too much cheese but I didn't mind it =P I thought the chicken was a bit too tough and dry but then again I'm not a fan of chicken breasts normally.

I decided to go for the Mushroom - baked field mushrooms with oregano with veal

This doesn't look as good, the meat was broken in some bits, you can see the hole in the middle of it =/ Pretty much was just a few mushrooms with some cheese and napoli sauce - would have preferred if they cut the mushroom smaller and have more pieces. Likewise, the crumb got soft and soggy - bit disappointing =( I did like the veal more than the chicken breast - not as dry. But there's seriously way too much meat - even the boys couldn't finish theirs.

The sides come separately - chips and salad.

Between the 8 of us, they only gave 2 bowls of chips and salad to share. Salad was alright, nothing too special, but the chips were quite crunchy and delicious - one bowl is definitely not enough between 4 people. We thought they would refill it so we didn't complain about the lack of share bowls, but after finishing our bowls, the waiters came and just took the bowls away and didn't ask if we wanted refill or anything =/ Very disappointing - and after reading other blogs seems like many others thought similarly too.

4/10 - nothing too special, and very disappointing about the lack of chips =(

2/5 - food took ages to come! You'd think at a restaurant that serves predominantly one thing that it would be quite quick to come out?

3/5 - quite a nice pub, and quite brightly lit compared to most pubs which is a plus


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