Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Patterns Cafe

Patterns Cafe
254 Swanston St, Melbourne
(Ph) 9650 8868

A new cafe opened up on Swanston Street, which happens so frequently that it doesn't surprise/interest me usually but there was a poster on the window saying they sell Hong Kong Style Egg Waffle! <3 My favourite! And there was an opening special - $3.90 down from $5. Still quite expensive (usually only HKD$10 which is AUD$1.20 =P) but I've never seen it sold in Australia before so had to come try it out!

Bonus, on this day they were handing out 20% off vouchers =) It's a small cafe with some tables at the back and a bar area with high stools too. I wondered why they would call this cafe "Patterns Cafe" but then realised they were priding themselves on the patterns on their coffee. We didn't try any 'cause it was such a hot afternoon but looking at other people's it just looks like normal leaf etc coffee art - how does it compare to Manchester Press?! Oh and they need some help with their English/grammar - lots of spelling mistakes and random typos on their menu =/

We were really thirsty so P got a Watermelon with herb jelly $5.50

I cringed at the sound of this - watermelon with herbal jelly?! I don't like grass jelly normally though P thought he would like it as he normally likes pearls and other jelly in his bubble teas, but thought it was very slimy and didn't go well with the watermelon juice =/

I got the Taro Ice Blended $3.90

Forgot to tell them I didn't want cream =( Delicious love taro <3 P who usually doesn't like taro really enjoyed this =) even though this doesn't taste like real taro (is it like some taro syrup or something?) and doesn't look the colour either (bright purple? =P) it's a good substitute and definitely quenched my thirst =)

P wanted something savoury so he got Fried Calamarine (spell check?) $5 - we figured they meant calamari =P

Was quite good though there was only $5 pieces - $1 per piece? Very crunchy and not overly battered.

Last came the highlight, the reason we came into the cafe - the Hong Kong Style Egg Waffle!

It wasn't as good as the ones in Hong Kong =( The batter was quite crispy so the edge bits were good, but the inside was filled with cakey batter. It's meant to be slightly hollow inside so when you bite into it it's mainly crunch, but it was more like little balls of cake =( They didn't have the batter consistency quite right but I guess it was better than nothing given I haven't had it in a while!

5/10 - egg waffle was slightly disappointing, maybe next time I'll try their macaroons and cakes in their dessert cabinet =)

3/5 - small cosy cafe

3/5 - not bad for an Asian eatery, but it is new so you'd expect that =P


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