Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pizza Bar

Pizza Bar
137 Pakington St, Geelong
(Ph) 5229 5394

Day trip to Geelong! We had initially wanted to go to Mr Hyde, after going to Dr Jekyll in St Kilda, to complete my Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde series. Mr Hyde is a bistro which looks quite expensive on the outside but it's in the Cheap Eats Guide so thought we'd give it a go. We got there at 12 noon and surprisingly it was closed! =O We were so hungry we just looked up urbanspoon for a nearby place to eat. J had heard friends say there was a good pizza place Geelong, and urbanspoon had quite a good rating for Pizza Bar so we decided to check it out. V who has been living in Geelong the whole year and actually lives near this place had never tried it out before =P

Quite a small cosy cafe, the menu is written on the back wall with chalk, or they do have it in paper form too =P You can see into the kitchen - it's not very big but you can see the woodfire for their pizzas (white thing in the back)

Lunch pizza's are 7" big and range from $9 to $14. They have a lunch special - +$5 for a green salad and a drink. D and P both wanted the lunch special but the waiter said their fridge froze the night before and all their salad froze so they weren't doing lunch special today =( Halfway through our meal, a couple sat at the table next to us and asked about the lunch special too. Another waiter was serving them and said they weren't doing it but they could have a drink for $2 =O They didn't offer that to us, oh well =(

I was tossing between Ham off the bone, mushroom passato, provolone cheese $12 or Nonna's meatball, braised silverbeet, boccocini $12. P doesn't like mushrooms (even though passato is just a puree so not like there's mushroom bits in it) so I went for the meatball one instead.

Looks quite small but was actually very filling and super delicious! The crust was not very thin but was super crunchy - mmm woodfired goodness. The meatballs were juicy and flavoursome and the braised silverbeet surprisingly goes really well with it all - who would have thought to put silverbeet on pizza?! love boccocini cheese =)

P got the Fire roasted free range chicken, lemon, bacon, sage, pine nuts $12.50. He was going to get the large size (12") but then decided to not be so greedy, and lucky he didn't he was full from this tiny pizza already!

Wasn't as tasty as mine, not enough cheese in my opinion =P Why would they give you a lemon piece? The lemon juice would just make the pizza wet =/

J loves her mushrooms and got the Mushroom passato, swiss browns, porcini, truffle oil, parmigiano $12

I tried a bit of it and it was delicious! The mushroom puree was tasty with the many types of mushrooms and cheesy goodness =) J actually liked lemon with her pizza and took P's lemon wedge - all worked out =P

7/10 - surprisingly good! V said we've found him a new eatery in Geelong - he said there's not that much good food there haha =P

2/5 - alright but would have been nice if they offered us the +$2 drink special too

3/5 - quite a cosy little eatery


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