Saturday, November 10, 2012

Miss Jackson

Miss Jackson
2/19 Grey St, St Kilda
(Ph) 9534 8415

Miss Jackson at St Kilda is located slightly away from the strip of cafes on Fitzroy Street, and even though the address is Grey Street, you actually enter on Jackson Street - hence "Miss Jackson" =) It's given ☆☆ by the Cheap Eats Guide 

There's quite a nice outdoor area but it was quite chilly on this day so we decided to sit inside.

The waiter, or I think was actually the owner, was very friendly and chatty to us =) We ordered our coffees - a latte

and a hot chocolate - since when does hot chocolate come in a glass? =P

One of the specials of the day was Pulled pork, chorizo and potato hash with a fried egg $18 which sounded very delicious and both P and I wanted it, but I decided to be nice and let P get it =P

What happened to the potato hash?! They were just roast potatoes - fully jipped! =( Thought it would be like the Potato and leek hash - with minted peas, smoked trout and a poached egg which actually came with a big homemade hashbrown =( The pulled pork was a bit dry and very oily - was a disappointing dish. It was quite a heavy dish - bit too much for brunch =/

Dad and I both got the Corn fritters - with bacon, avocado and roasted vine tomatoes and homemade chilli jam

<3 corn fritters! These ones weren't crunchy or fried enough on the outside but were quite tasty with the chilli jam =) How cute are the roast vine tomatoes!

Mum got the Spanish baked eggs - with chorizo, char grilled capsicum and olives 

Quite a typical baked eggs dish full of flavour but the bread they provided was a bit hard and felt a bit stale =/

Dad also wanted some Crumbed polenta chips - with harissa mayo

Yummy! Polenta tastes a bit like mashed potato - not much flavour but with the delicious coating of panko crumbs and the slightly chilli mayo was super tasty <3

6/10 - just get the stuff on the normal menu and not the specials, and definitely try the polenta chips!

4/5 -  small cosy cafe, lucky we came on a weekday or I can imagine it would be packed on the weekends!

4/5 - very friendly and chatty waiters here =)


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