Thursday, November 22, 2012

CJ Lunch Bar

CJ Lunch Bar
2/391 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne
(Ph) 9602 1155

M recommended this place to me - famous for their Cheese bulgogi. Cheese bulgogi?! So weird but thought I should check it out! Came here the next night to celebrate T's birthday =)

It's quite a small restaurant, very busy on this Monday night! EVERYONE ordered the cheese bulgogi so we knew we had to order it, plus some typical Korean dishes. They only gave us one plate of sides but we were too full from the foods that we didn't mind they weren't refilled. The bean curd was a nice change from the typical sides - with a slightly sweet flavour =)

Cheese chicken bulgogi - grilled & spicy seasoned chicken fillet on a hot plate with cheese $16.50

This came so quickly! I guess they know everyone orders it =) It was a serious mountain of cheesy goodness - didn't know where to start! This was spicier than the normal bulgogi but the cheese surprisingly went well with it and actually calmed down the spiciness =) It's a very fusion dish and kinda reminds me of Mexican food - definitely worth a try!

G wanted the Tteokbokki - rice cake and vegetables simmered in spicy sauce $10

The rice cakes were a bit too soft and not chewy enough =( Why do they always give so much vegetables and not many rice cakes?! A bit too spicy for my liking =/

We got some non spicy dishes too - Mul naengmyeon - cold buckwheat noodles $13

They provided scissors! The noodles were quite stringy and chewy - really needed scissors to separate them =P Quite tasty though and interesting to have cold soup noodles =) Lucky we didn't order the Jjolmyeon - chewy cold noodles apparently they're much worse in terms of chewiness =P

I always get this at Korean restaurants - Dolsot-bibimbap - bibimbap in a hot stone pot (beef, chicken or vegetable) $14

This was slightly disappointing there was no crunchy rice at all! It's like they put the rice on the stone pot and served it straight away, or the stone pot wasn't hot enough to crisp up the rice =(

Last came the Haemul pajeon - seafood and spring onion pancake (large) $12

They were very generous with the seafood but the pancake was too thick which made the batter very gooey and it wasn't crunchy =(

The food all came very quickly, along with a plate of oranges (one piece per person, they counted =P) why would they give this to us at the beginning of the meal so that by the time we ate it they were warm?!

6/10 - come here and definitely try the cheese bulgogi! It's a new Korean fusion experience indeed =)

1/5 - very crammed, the waiter was bringing overflowing dishes out (especially the cheese bulgogi!) behind me and nearly spilled food on my jacket =/

1/5 - we were a group of 5 but only 3 were there initially and the waiters kept seating people next to us and we had to keep telling them we were waiting for 2 more people =/ also water and cutlery/serviettes are self service, but the food did come very promptly


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