Friday, November 16, 2012

Straits of Malacca

Straits of Malacca
162 Swanston St, Melbourne
(Ph) 9639 8264

Dinner with E on a Friday night =) we wanted to go to Guhng for Korean bbq but they were fully booked, then we tried Red Spice Road next door and they were fully booked too! We were starving so walked back to Swanston Street and went in the first restaurant we saw - Straits of Malacca. I had been here multiple times when it was still Petaling Street, but this was our first visit since it became Straits of Malacca. Petaling Street was quite good, and this was still Malaysia food so we thought it would be similar =)

I got the Nasi pataya with thai sauce fish fillet and spring roll $10.80

Wow! Amazing presentation for a cheap Asian restaurant =) All their dishes here are like that - definite thumbs up for aesthetics. The fish fillet was surprisingly very tasty, deep fried pieces of fish with sweet and sour thai sauce and vegetables. Oh and the mini spring rolls were a bonus snack =) I looked up Nasi pataya - it's meant to be chicken fried rice covered in fried egg

Pretty sure there wasn't chicken in the rice but it was quite flavoursome with the egg on top and the sweet chilli sauce.

E had Wontons with dry egg noodles - I forgot to take a photo of it but it was nicely presented too. E thought it was quite good and that's saying a lot given she's Malaysian =P

They also have set meals and other specials here which I wouldn't mind trying next time =)

7/10 - surprisingly very tasty without a dirty/greasy feel to the food

2/5 - kinda cramped with a typical Asian restaurant feel

3/5 - food came very quickly given the fancy presentation =)


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