Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ramen King

Ramen King
Main St, Boxhill Centro, Boxhill
(Ph) 9899 3133

Even though we've been to Boxhill numerous times, had never noticed there was a Ramen King at the Centro entrance. It was actually quite busy on this Sunday afternoon so thought we'd give it a try.

The menu is about 10 pages long but there was only 8 ramen dishes and the rest were Chinese, Malaysian, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese and Korean dishes. Obviously they don't have much of a specialty here. It's like Raramen inside Boxhill Centro, having the "ramen" word in the restaurant name but really just selling Chinese food - how lame =/ We thought we'd look at the ramen options first but they didn't sound very appealing - choice of beef, chicken, katsu, seafood, gyoza and some other ones and no broth to choose from?! Most other tables were ordering Chinese dishes so we thought we'd stay away from the ramen. The waiter came and asked us for our order 1 minute after we were seated, and kept coming back, and by the time we decided, all the waiters were too busy for us =/ They finally came and took our order and then said we had to pay for it immediately! Who does that?! Our dishes were $19.50 so I gave the waiter a $20 note but she didn't come back with my change and went and cleared some tables. I was about to complain then finally she came back with a dirty 50c coin *dislike*

I went for the Noodle with pork mince sauce $9.50 after my super delicious one at Noodle Kingdom.

P said this is like the Asian spaghetti bolognaise which is kinda true =P The sauce was a bit too salty though and the noodles were really soft and soggy and kinda overcooked - definitely not like the nice chewy handmade ones at Noodle Kingdom =( I wonder if they make their own noodles here?

P is such a sucker for Singapore fried noodles $10

This too was very salty - if they had put less salt and more curry powder in would have been nicer. $10 is slightly more expensive than the general Boxhill restaurants for this dish though they were quite generous with their mini prawns.

4/10 - not very good and both our dishes were too salty =/

1/5 - asking your patrons to pay for the food upfront is definitely not cool!

3/5 - quite a spacious restaurant


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