Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hong Kong Best Food

Hong Kong Best Food
35 Carrington Rd, Boxhill
(Ph) 9898 6088

Another 茶餐廳 (tea cafe) in Boxhill - we were craving some good Honky food =) We always go to New Age Cafe so this time we decided to try out Hong Kong Best Food. It looks kinda small and dirty from the outside but inside just feels like a typical 茶餐廳 in Hong Kong - felt like we've been transported to HK =)

The manager lady initially seated us at a table seating 4 people, but then 2 minutes later wanted us to move to another table sharing with another couple so they could seat a group of 4 at our initial table =__= bit annoying but not like we could say no

Menu is a bit tacky looking - think they might need to renew them soon =P They have a breakfast menu and an afternoon tea menu which look quite tempting but we were smack bang at lunch time.

They do have some lunch specials - $9 for a dish + coffee/tea. We saw lots of people ordered it and changed the drink to a cold one - it was such a hot day we decided to get a cold milk tea. P saw someone else's fried rice noodles with beef and assumed it was on the specials list - the only one with beef and noodles in it was Spanish style beef on rice or spaghetti so he ordered it.

Woops wasn't quite what he expected it to be... the sauce was kinda like sweet and sour... what is Spanish style anyway?! The beef was quite tender and soft but P was slightly disappointed.

At least the cold milk tea was delicious and thirst quenching =)

P also ordered a Pork Chop Bun $5.50

Why do these 茶餐廳s all like to give us a few Pringles instead of chips?! Like at New Age Cafe. The pork chop was quite small compared to the burger bun and was a little tough. And would have been nicer if they were more generous with the mayo and gave us some lettuce or something.

I couldn't resist getting a baked rice - Baked Portuguese Chicken with Fried Rice $9

I really like the Portuguese sauce.. creamy and coconuty =) They were quite stingy with the vegetables, only 2 pieces of carrots... you'd think vegetables are cheaper than chicken right? =P The so called fried rice was not really fried rice - there were only a few bits of egg in it but nothing else =( The dish was massive, I could only finish half of it so asked for a takeaway box - the waiter wasn't very happy about giving me a takeaway box =/

5/10 - alright food, very typical Honky =)

1/5 - the manager lady was yelling at this trainee waiter for doing things wrong and not being efficient etc, felt kinda bad for him =/ And she was eating her bowl of food while working and placed her bowl on the table next to us... was a bit weird and very unprofessional =/

1/5 - quite loud with the waiters shouting orders and many families with kids there


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