Friday, November 30, 2012


Level 2 (next to Village Cinemas)
Westfield Doncaster Shopping Center
(Ph) 9840 0006

Entertainment had a buy-1-waffle-get-1-free voucher and we wanted some dessert on this afternoon while we were at Doncaster so ventured up to the top floor. It's a cafe in the sorta open area like the other restaurants on this floor.

The waffles were quite expensive - regular for $5.20, large for $8.00 The display picture was of the full circle of waffle so we thought that was the "regular" - wouldn't you normally advertise for the regular size?! But as we found out when our waffles came it was the large on display =/ Toppings were extra on top of that - ice-cream 1st scoop $3.50, 2nd scoop $2.80 We decided to be sneaky and get one with 2 scoops and the other without any icecream.

The "regular" waffle was so small! This is seriously like a "small" =( And it was quite soft after being drenched by the maple syrup - how hard is it to make crunchy waffles?!

We got a scoop of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and a Honey Malt Crunch. We saw the waiter was about to walk out with our waffles and then went back and scooped one of the scoops off the waffle and replace it with another scoop - they must have given us the wrong flavour or something. By the time it came to our table the icecream had started to melt already =/ I wonder what they did with that scoop of icecream =P

4/10 - quite disappointing, if I'm paying this much money I expect good quality waffles and non-melting icecream! Would definitely go to Max Brenner for waffles instead!

1/5 - pretty poor given they nearly gave us the wrong order and the icecream was melting...

3/5 - was quite nice sitting by the window though


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