Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Best Food Gallery

Best Food Gallery
599 Station St, Boxhill
(Ph) 9897 1448

P and I come to Boxhill most weekends for shopping - we decided to try somewhere we hadn't been to before. Walked past Best Food Gallery and saw on their window their specialty is 炸臭豆腐 (fried stinky tofu) and 生煎包 (Fried Pork Buns) <3 I have never had stinky tofu here in Australia before so decided to give it a go here =)

P was sick with a sore throat so ordered Century Egg & Souted pork Congee $7

What the random is souted?! sauted?! This was not very flavoursome though they were quite generous with century egg.

Of course I had to order the Fried Shanghai Specially Bean Curd (4pcs) 炸臭豆腐 $6

Stinky tofu is fermented tofu that has a strong stinky odor - it is very much an acquired taste, kinda like durian but LOVE <3 just block your nose when you're eating either of these foods =) Its deep fried to crunchiness while the inside is soft and kinda like cheese, served with hoisin sauce and chilli sauce. Delicious! - felt like I was transported back to the streets of Hong Kong <3

We ordered the other specialty of this restaurant - Shanghai Fried Plain Pork Buns (5pcs) 生煎包 $6

Quite generous $6 for 5 buns! Steamed then fried to crunchiness on the bottom. The meat was very juicy and lots of soup inside the bun, though the bun was a bit too thick - would have been nicer if there was less bun or if the bun was less dense.

Last came the Steamed Shanghai Mini Pork Buns (8pcs) $8

Don't look very impressive with some of them falling over - there was lots of tasty soup inside and the meat was quite juicy too, but it lacked a bit of ginger =( and the dumpling skin was a tad too thick - guess it's good they didn't pop easily?

5/10 - nothing too special, unless you're craving some 炸臭豆腐 (fried stinky tofu) which is quite good and genuine here =)

2/5 - wasn't too busy on this weekend lunch

2/5 - food came quite promptly but the tables felt a bit greasy and dirty =/


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