Sunday, December 9, 2012

Pink Cafe

Pink Cafe
283 Swanston St, Melbourne
(Ph) 9663 8868

In the last year suddenly so many hot dog stores opened up on Swanston Street. Had tried Snag Stand a few times already which is delicious <3 but thought we'd give Pink Cafe a try - it looks like a very Asian cafe...

P got the Kransky - German smoked sausage (pork) on a toasted sesame roll

What the random?! They used red onion instead of brown onion so it looks really weird =/ The sausage was alright but the bread wasn't toasted enough and felt a bit stale =(

They also do Honky style waffles here served with peanut butter and condensed milk! After the fail egg waffles at Patterns Cafe I wanted to try this here but they didn't have it on this day =/ will be back for it!

5/10 - nothing too special, will comment again once I try their waffles =P

1/5 - the hotdog actually took a while to come out given that they don't have to do much

1/5 - there's no seating here which is a bit of a fail =/


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