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Misty's Diner

Misty's Diner
103 High St, Prahran
(Ph) 9510 1959

After holidaying in America for 2 months a few years ago eating cheesecake and pizza and burgers every day or two I said I wouldn't eat so unhealthily anymore but American food is just so tasty and I was having cravings =P I had been to Misty's Diner a while ago remembering it was a delicious but stomach-popping experience - this time we won't over-order =P

First thing you notice when you walk in is a Elvis figure right by the door - gave us a fright thought there was someone really there!

On top of the counter there are mini jukeboxes! How cute but don't think they work =P

They sell lots of American snacks and chocolates here! I remember the first time I came here we were very excited 'cause you couldn't get Hershey's or Reese's anywhere else but now they do stock them elsewhere - still they have a much bigger variety here =)

The diner is super colourful with alternating green and pink chairs and booths..

..and the walls are decorated with flags and number plates and discs and posters and all sorts of stuff!

By the wall of the booths there are mini screens playing American TV and mini jukeboxes which don't work =P

A random "Misty's Diner" car door?

Old school pink telephone which apparently works! Should have tried it out haha =P

There's a crazy burger called "Misty's Challenge" - eat a 1.2kg, 5 patty beef burger with a side of chilli/nacho fries within 14mins and it's free and you get a Burger Challenge Tshirt, or it's $35 with a bottle of Coke. There are photos of all the successful challengers on the wall - how crazy, I feel sick just thinking about it!

P ordered some random American softdrink to start off with - it was really tangy and actually not very nice lol =/

We decided to learn from our past mistake and order lightly and just get more if we wanted to afterwards =P We got Misty's Meat Lovers Platter - Chicken wings, pork ribs, meat balls, mini hot dogs, mini burgers, garlic roll, side of salad & 4 dipping sauces $33.90

The waitress asked us if we wanted the hot sauce - both P and I can't really take chilli but M wanted to give it a try =P So they gave us ranch sauce, bleu cheese sauce, smokey bbq sauce, buffalo wing sauce and the chilli sauce. The ranch sauce and the bleu cheese sauce were my favourite - M nearly died when he dipped his whole meatball into the chilli sauce - it pretty much burns your tongue =P The pork ribs were my favourite meat - soft and tasty! P liked the chicken wings the best - he said next time we should order a whole bucket of buffalo wings! Nothing too special with the mini hot dogs and mini burgers - which are actually just sausages and patties =P The meat balls were not bad though, but the "side of salad" was quite lousy and the garlic roll wasn't much of a roll or of garlic - just buttered bread that wasn't even very toasted =/

We also got the Junk Yard fries - large platter of fries with a splat of taco meat, gravy, con queso sauce and chilli con carne $17.90 

So we get some carbs =P we chose to have skinny fries but I think it normally comes with fat fries. After a while the 4 sides tasted quite similar though obviously the chilli con carne was spicy - they even gave us an extra tub of chilli sauce! =O My favourite was the taco meat with the melted cheese - staying clear from the chilli =)

There was room for dessert! I got the Reece's Pieces Pie with icecream

It took a ridiculously long time for this to come out - we had to chase the waiters for it and even so still took an extra 10mins for it to come! All they did was microwave the pie and put some icecream and cream on it =S But because they microwaved the plate the icecream had started to melt by the time it came to us =/ Mmmm love Reece's peanut butter cups <3 The filling was mainly chocolate with some reece's pieces on the top - was very chocolately so went well with the icecream and cream though

At the end of our meal, Misty (the owner) actually came and talked to us and asked us how our meals were which was nice =)

7.5/10 - come here for your American cravings! Once you step inside really feels like you've travelled to USA =) Think I'd like to try their burgers next time though!

4/5 - definite thumbs up for the atmosphere!

2/5 - it was all good up until the dessert part =(


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After our not so filling dinner at TGI Friday's we wanted some real hearty American food - more like N wanted some so thought we'd bring him to Misty's Diner.

N wanted ribs, and P wanted wings - so we decided to get a bucket of each =)

I had always wanted to try one of their thickshakes - seems like most people get them. First thing I looked at was the dessert menu - they have Deep Fried Cheesecake served with berries here omg that's like my heaven! So I decided to get my dose of Reese's in my thickshake - Reese's Pieces (peanut butter, fudge & candy pieces) thickshake $8.95 with no cream =)

Omg a bit overfilled =P How overindulgent is it they even poured melted chocolate down the straw! It got very messy drinking it with the chocolated up straw and the overflowing drink but oh my, it was heavenly delicious - love Reece's peanut butter and chocolate and crunchy bits <3

We got the Bucket of Pork Ribs - a bucket of pork ribs with smokey BBQ sauce, Fat fries, Corn on the cob and a Garlic roll. $33.90 Add wings for just $6.00 more. We were considering adding wings but you only get 6 wings compared to 12 wings in the full bucket and P really wanted wings so we got a bucket of each - we were a bit crazy right? =P

Oh my gawd how humongous are these! How are these ribs?!

It's like a whole log of meat o_Oa there's a rib bone at the bottom of the piece but it was mainly meat, unlike what you'd usually expect on ribs which would normally be max 50% meat to bone lol. The rib meat was not too bad but not as tender and fall-off-bone as we'd expect, not as tender as our last visit but last time's ribs were more the usual size of ribs =P

The garlic roll is really sad though - they really need to fix that up either toast it up a bit more or put more garlic on instead of just butter =/ The side of fat fries was surprisingly very good - super crunchy and seasoned very well =)

P really wanted the Bucket of Wings - a bucket of buffalo chicken wings with: buffalo sauce, ranch or bleu cheese, celery sticks, you choice of mild, spicy or po' man's cocaine sauce $19.90

We got bleu cheese sauce - the waitress told us we're meant to dip them in the chili sauce (we got mild and it was still very spicy!) then the bleu cheese sauce. Buffalo wings were cooked to perfection and very flavoursome - the skin was dry enough that it was crunchy but not too dry that it was tough =)

We got the Bucket of Wings in a Combo - for $7.90 add 1/2 order of fries. We decided to get Taco fries - skinny fries covered in taco meat, tomato, Mexican cheese, sour cream, black olives & onions as we remembered them to be very tasty last time.

I usually like skinny fries but with the taco sauce on top it made the fries very soft and 'cause they were so thin made it really hard to pick up the toppings so ended up having to eat fries with a fork. Wouldn't have thought the ordinary fat fries would be tastier than the taco fries! Maybe next time we'll get the topping fries with fat fries instead =)

We were seriously stuffed after it all. But when N saw this he really wanted to try it - Holy Sh*t! Deep fried Reece's Pieces Chocolate Bar

So we decided to share it... and omg it seriously is holy sh*t! We thought it'd be a few pieces of Reece's chocolate deep fried since it said Reece's pieces and didn't really register that it said chocolate bar omg =/

A whole block of Reece's chocolate deep fried - craziness! This wasn't as good as we thought it'd be - the chocolate was all melted inside the batter and oozing out, but the batter was really thick so it was like eating deep fried batter dipped in chocolate served with some melting ice-cream - how hard is it to give us icecream that isn't half melted? =/ And since it was on the specials board we didn't know how much it cost - turned out at a very expensive $22.90 =/

I'm glad I was too full to order the deep fried cheesecake - probably would have the same thick batter as well =/ Will definitely be back at Misty's.. but maybe not for a little while, have had too much American food lately! =P

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  1. Jarritos- are you serious? It is nice and I actually do like this drink better than the others!