Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Richmond Hill Cafe and Larder

Richmond Hill Cafe and Larder
50 Bridge Rd, Richmond
(Ph) 9421 2808

Brunch with J! I had wanted to come here for a while, it's one of the top rated brunch places on Urbanspoon and there's an Entertainment voucher for it as well =) We came here on a Sunday at 11am - the wait line went out the door and was going to be at least a 20min wait for a table. They were going to give us a buzzer and we could go for a walk along Bridge road but then the said we could sit by the bar straight away. The bar turned out to be just the ledge and stools by the cheese room which we totally didn't mind! The cafe has a very French feel with lots of sunlight streaming in =)

They change the menu regularly depending on what's on season - we were given the Summer Breakfast menu =) J and I both wanted the Potato and Spring Onion Rosti - smoked salmon, two poached eggs, spinach pistou sauce, Cantalet cheese sauce & grain mustard $18.50

Very nice presentation! Thought we should order something with cheese in it given they have a cheese room here =) Cantalet cheese is a hard cow's cheese and is apparently one of the oldest French cheeses, with a buttery nutty flavour when young, and matures to reveal earthy flavours.

The rosti was very flavoursome - would have been better if it was crunchier 'cause the potato strands broke apart very easily. Eggs were perfectly poached - definite thumbs up for the dish =)

Their RHCL grilled cheesy toast - our homemade cheese blend on toast (V), add RHCL spicy eggplant & chilli pickle is meant to be their specialty here which I only just found out - will definitely try it next time!

After our delicious food we decided had to go check out the Cheese Room =)

Lots of blocks of cheeses maturing by the window - they all have a date on it, the more mature a cheese block is, the more mould and darker the colour =P

All sorts of cheeses to choose from! Hard cheeses, soft cheeses, mild cheeses, strong cheeses. I bought a small piece of a soft brie-like cheese but with stronger flavours - love cheese!

8/10 - delicious food! definitely want to try the grilled cheesy toast next time!

4/5 - very nice brunchy environment here =)

2/5 - was quite busy on this Sunday morning and was a bit confusing where we pay - we went to the computer by the door but you actually pay at the bar =/


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