Saturday, December 29, 2012

The European

The European
161 Spring St, Melbourne
(Ph) 9654 0811

The European is a long established institution at the top end of Melbourne CBD - step inside the heavy wooden doors and you feel like you're transported to Europe!

With it's checked floors and dark wood decor, the environment is very different to the typical Melbourne cafes. The clients here are generally more mature, and less rowdy compared to the usual brunch crew.

M and I both wanted the Huevos madrileƱos - baked eggs, black pudding & chorizo $18.50

"Huevos madrileƱos" means "eggs from Madrid". A very typical Spanish breakfast dish =) It was like any baked eggs dish but was quite flavoursome - I liked the shaved parmesan touch over the eggs. Black pudding is sausage made from congealed blood, generally pork blood. Looks just like a meatball eh? Taste's like normal sausage/meatball too - can't really tell it's blood but then again, I don't mind eating blood and offal normally =P

Overall quite a good dining expensive... until the end! Fair enough there's a Sunday 10% surcharge (which I don't think is really necessary) but they charged us for 2 coffees when we only got one! We were in a rush (M had a plane to catch) so we didn't look at the bill, but the bill ended up like 50% more expensive than we expected!

6.5/10 - not too bad, think the food is quite genuinely European. Would like to come back for their normal daytime meals though.

4/5 - definite thumbs up for this, really feels like you're at a cafe in Europe =)

1/5 - would have been quite good if not for the bill mistake!


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