Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fiesta Mexican

Fiesta Mexican
175 Toorak Rd, South Yarra
(Ph) 9827 4593

P felt like Mexican food so I looked in my Entertainment book and came across Fiesta Mexican - quite good ratings on Urbanspoon so thought we'd check it out. It's actually very close to the South Yarra train station and I think I've walked past it numerous times before.

Cosy restaurant with some interesting decor - sun on the roof? :P

I wanted a nachos with meat so got the Macho Nachos (with all the extras - cheese, guacamole, frijole, died jalapenos, salsa, chicken, sour cream, beef) $23.90

It was huge! Way more than the size of a main! Was my favourite dish of the meal - had everything on it! Chicken with guacamole on one side, and on the other pulled beef with salsa, plus lots of cheese - yum! I couldn't really taste the jalapenos (which was a good thing =P) I like how the beef was pulled beef and not sliced beef or minced beef - reminds me of American food =)

P wanted the Fajita - your choice of meat or vegetables, marinated then cooked with salsa, onions & peppers. Served with guacamole, lettuce, cheese, frijole & three soft flour tortillas. Beef & Chicken $24.90

How strange one of the options was "Beef and chicken" or you can have each meat by itself too - but I've never seen restaurants combine meats like that before?! Was actually a bit spicy but quite a nice marinade, I like how it comes in a sizzling plate (like how they served it at Taco Bill) except this comes with a lot more sides =) I like how you make your own tortillas except they could have been a bit more generous than just 3 tortillas though =/

This restaurant prides itself in its famous customers, in particular tennis players - they have photos on the wall and even named 2 burrito dishes after tennis players! S got the Hewitt Burrito - Lleyton's favourite! A large flour tortilla rolled with sliced chicken breast, lettuce, sour cream and cheddar cheese. Served with brown rice and fresh guacamole $23.90

Big burrito - nothing too special but nothing to complain about either. Was very filling. Lucky we shared the dishes - we nearly passed out by the end of the meal! Soo wanted something from the dessert menu but we were seriously stuffed! =(

6/10 - pretty good here, get the Macho Nachos for sure! or if you're dining alone (or 2) I think the Combination - beef enchilada, beef taco, mushrooom flauta served with mango salsa & brown rice would be a good dish to try.

3/5 - food came quite promptly, waiters very polite, asked us multiple times during our meal how the food was and was very prompt in clearing the table

3/5 - cosy little restaurant


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