Saturday, May 12, 2012

Le Petite Creperie

Le Petite Creperie
Corner Swanston St and Collins St, Melbourne

This little creperie stand popped up out of no where a couple of weeks ago - it's one of those ex-newspaper stands so the word "news" is still at the top =P J and I love crepes so we decided to go check it out!

There was a massive line when we came on this Friday night - guess it's the novelty factor! There's quite a few options available - I of course had to get the Salted Caramel (homemade) & Almonds $6.00

The chefs are French - at least they speak French =P but she wasn't very impressive with her crepe making. The mixture was lumpy and she broke many crepes and burnt a few =/

My crepe was quite crunchy but the salted caramel was a bit too salty - don't think they've got the combination quite right lol. 

P got a Apple & Plum one - his wasn't as crunchy but his topping was pretty nice.

We took the crepes and walked along Swanston Street and walked past a busker playing the song from Midnight in Paris - felt like we were really in France!

Would only come here for the novelty factor! Rather go to Choix Creperie Cafe for their original fillings and thin crispy crepes, and you get a seat there! =P

Food~ 4/10


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  1. Nice post..

    Once in a french cafe tried the crepe.It was awesome and delicious..