Wednesday, May 16, 2012


197 Lonsdale St, Melbourne
(Ph) 9663 3194

Catching up with fellow dancing buddies! We wanted to go try somewhere new - I've walked past this restaurant so many times before, they have a Scrabble board by the window with some menu items on it =)

We booked a table for 6.15pm on this Saturday night - they said we had to be out by 7.30pm 'cause they were fully booked but only half the restaurant was filled up during our dinner hmm =/

T, C and I couldn't really decide what to eat - neither of us were very hungry. Initially I wanted to get the Combination Specials plate  for $25 but then decided we'll just share the 3 dishes =)
Moussaka - layer of potatoes, mince meat, baked with creamy bechamel sauce, served with vegies, rice & potatoes $23
Lamb Casserole - traditional lamb stew with tomato based sauce served with vegies, rice & potatoes $24
Chicken Rissoles - home style meat ball stuffed with fetta cheese baked in oven with napoli sauce $24

They gave us complimentary bread - warm and soft =)

C had ordered a Saganaki for entree - I forgot I really like Saganaki! Grilled cheese with lemon =D

First came our Moussaka - so they make the moussaka like a lasagne and they just cut a piece out. Layers of eggplant, mince and bechamel sauce mmm =D There wasn't too much potato in it which was good =P Was my favourite of the 3 dishes!

The Lamb Casserole was very good too - the lamb was so soft fell off the bone!

The Chicken Rissoles were a bit disappointing though - way too salty and couldn't taste the fetta cheese =/

They gave the same rice and vegetables for all the dishes - guess that's what you get for ordering the Specials of the day. The vegetables weren't very tasty, blanched but still kinda hard =/ After we had finished all the meats C suddenly decides to try the rice and surprisingly, said it was super tasty! We tried some and sure enough it was full of flavour! I thought it was kinda coconutty but we asked the waitress and she said it's actually just rice cooked in stock! And they cook their rice over the fire - delicious! It was so tasty that C and I both ate a ball of rice each even though I don't normally like rice =P

6/10 - the moussaka was definitely the best! and the lamb stew =) and thumbs up for the rice =P

2/5 - not bad but felt like we were very pressured to quickly eat and leave =/

2/5 - bit of a squish having 5 people on a 4 people table but was alright as the restaurant was only half full while we ate.


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