Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Centro Boxhill Market, Boxhill
(Ph) 9899 8966

We wanted some food after our shopping at Boxhill one Sunday afternoon - walked past this "Raramen" and saw the Free Slurpee sign so decided to check it out. It was a freezing day but how can you say no to free slurpee?

P had wanted Japanese ramen but as soon as we sat down we knew it wasn't Japanese ramen but just Chinese noodles. He got House Special Rice Noodle Soup - beef, egg, vegetable, spring onion, noodle, soup $9.80

I really like this type of noodles when made properly - 瀨粉 (lai fun). I just wikipediaed it - they call it "rice spaghetti" with a description of "thick round semi-translucent made from sticky rice". Normally you'd expect "rice noodle" to be the flat fettucini like type, so P was disappointed as he wanted them. Lai fun is meant to be bouncy and chewy like sticky rice, but this wasn't, and it wasn't translucent either. Think they made it out of normal rice instead of sticky rice so didn't have the right texture, which was a bit disappointing =( I was craving the delicious bowls you get in Hong Kong served with roast goose =( The beef brisket was quite tender but the broccoli tasted like it was raw and they gave way too much preserved vegetables for our liking =/

I of course had to order some Xiao Long Baos - when will I learn to order something else? =P They took forever to come out - it actually wasn't that long but in this fast-food-like restaurant, 10 minutes felt like a long time since everything came out in less than 2 minutes lol =P

Finally they came out - and they were a disappointment as well =( firstly, no ginger tsk tsk. And secondly the skin was so thick with minimal soup - sigh. Really need to go back to Shanghai Street!

P got me some Slurpee - the first cup he got me was mainly just liquid with no ice, he said the ice wouldn't come out =/ so he tried a 2nd cup from the other machine which was slightly better (pictured below) but was still more water than ice lol. Bit too sweet for my liking, but the kids around us were all enjoying their slurpees - novelty factor is nice.

Surprisingly enough, next to the slurpee machines P found a pot with some red bean dessert inside!

And it was surprisingly delicious! We both had a bowl each and agreed that this was the best part of this meal =P too bad by this stage we were both quite full and couldn't fit a 2nd bowl in... next time should just sit down and just have this dessert haha =P

4/10 - fast cheap Asian food, definitely try the red bean dessert though!

2/5 - fast, but not enough waiters on this busy Sunday lunchtime

2/5 - quite spacious so can fit big groups and families but means it's quite loud too =P


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