Friday, May 18, 2012

Cheeky Monkey

Cheeky Monkey
89 Swan St, Richmond
(Ph) 9428 8833

P and I had a weekday off together - decided to go drive somewhere for brunch. Since my Entertainment book was expiring soon, thought I should find a voucher from there. A buy-1-get-1-free voucher at Cheeky Monkey =)

They do breakfast until 3pm on weekdays =) After my crappy corn fritters at Alcove Cafe at Great Ocean Road, I was craving some tasty crunchy fritters - Jumbo Corn Fritters with Crispy Bacon, Tomato and Avocado Salsa with a Coriander Yoghurt $16.90

The corn fritters were super delicious - super crunchy! =D Not sure about the tomato and avocado salsa - it was more like random tomato and avocado pieces minus the salsa lol =/ Think they need to work on their plating too lol =P I didn't realise the yoghurt was meant to be coriander... at least I couldn't taste it and I'm normally VERY sensitive to coriander... if only they had given some real salsa that would have perfected the dish!

I thought P was going to get the Big Breakfast but he decided to get Calamari - sea salt and cracked pepper floured calamari with a side of crispy cabbage and coriander salad and lemon aioli $16.90 instead.

Looks quite good, the calamari wasn't as chewy as calamari is usually - so strange, is it 'cause it's not fresh or 'cause of the type of calamari? Batter was nice and crunchy and the aioli was delicious =) The cabbage salad wasn't very tasty though - P doesn't like cabbage and I don't like coriander so neither of us liked it very much =P

Since P's calamari didn't come with chips, he ordered a side of chips. It wasn't on the menu but we figured it'd just be a small side - but oh my, it was a massive bowl! Pretty certain the chips weren't housemade 'cause they were all so uniform and super crunchy like when you buy frozen chips lol =P

P also got Caramel Milkshake $4

Super delicious and creamy in such a big metal cup - disappointed it was only half filled =(

5/10 - not bad given we had half price food!

3/5 - friendly waiters and food came very promptly

3/5 - quite nice on this sunny weekday morning =)


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