Friday, June 1, 2012

Wooga Korean Restaurant

Wooga Korean Restaurant
270 Victoria St, West Melbourne
(Ph) 9328 1221

It was Matty's birthday! =D We all wanted Korean BBQ 'cause it was such a cold windy day! The menu was not very extensive - but we had a group of 7 of us and we didn't really wanna pick menu items so we went with the -

Combo D $119 (6-8 serves)
- Top Grade Beef Rib
- Top Side with Salt and Pepper
- Top Grade Scotch Fillet
- Ox Tongue
- Seafood Pan-cake
- Pan Fried Squid in Spicy Sauce
- Soy Marinated Pork with Bok Choy
- Beef with Squid in Spicy Soup
- Rice (4)

Sounded like a good combination of foods =D I wonder why they only have steak for the BBQ and no marinated meats like bulgolgi and no pork/chicken? Bulgolgi is my favourite Korean BBQ meat =(

Love Korean side dishes <3 P really liked the picked radish plate as well as the beansprouts but they were a bit slow with their refills =(

They brought the burning hot coal BBQ - it was so hot but was nice on this freezing night =)

Cooking the Top Grade Beef Rib on the BBQ =) P was in charge of the BBQ and cutting of the meats - think he enjoyed it very much =)

Top Grade Scotch Fillet - looks quite good and was quite tasty and tender, but doesn't really feel like Korean BBQ, was like any Aussie BBQ. You'd expect Korean BBQ has more marinade and more flavouring right? If it wasn't for the sauces that we were given I'd say the meats aren't very flavoursome.

After all the steak, they changed the grill plate for us to cook our Ox Tongue - love ox tongue! Thin and chewy and yummo!

The Seafood Pancake was quite good - crispy on the outside and lots of baby octopus inside =)

This was meant to be the Pan Fried Squid in Spicy Sauce - there was only 10% squid (and very small pieces too!) and 90% spicy cabbage - jipped us! Bit too spicy for my liking and really wasn't worth scrounging around for the tiny pieces of squid =/

Next came the Soy Marinated Pork with Bok Choy - that is most definitely not Bok Choy and most definitely are a few pieces of lettuce lol. It had quite nice Chinese flavours - very soft pork belly =) And wasn't spicy w00t!

Last came the Beef with Squid in Spicy Soup - they gave us prawns instead of squid so we had to bother to de-shell them how annoying =P The spiciness sunk to the bottom so the last few bowls were ridiculously spicy. But was full of flavours, even though it was quite spicy P quite liked this =)

6/10 - was alright, have had better Korean BBQ here but for the amount we paid wasn't too bad!

2/5 - very packed and very smokey! But what can you expect at Korean BBQ? =P

2/5 - if they gave us our side dishes etc quicker that would have been nice but generally was quite good, the waiters come and help you cook some of your meats initially on the BBQ =)


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