Monday, June 18, 2012

Secret Recipe

Secret Recipe
Store L03 308, Melbourne Central, 211 LaTrobe St, Melbourne
(Ph) 9639 8884

After dinner of course we had room for dessert! We were lazy and didn't want to walk too far from Melbourne Central so we decided to go upstairs to Secret Recipe and see what cakes they had on offer =) They have a deal "Cake + Coffee for $7.90" - it said selected cakes only, though all the cakes were the same price - $5.90. We were going to get a cake + coffee each but then decided to just go for cake since it was late at night coffee will keep us up =P

There were so many delicious looking cakes to choose from! E and I love cheesecakes but thought 2 cheesecakes would be too much so we settled for the Apple crumble cheesecake and the Cocoa mocha =)

You order at the counter but man, the waitress was sooo slow at the cashier! She took at least 5mins doing I don't know what, then spent like 10mins putting the order through for the person before us, then FINALLY it was our turn =___= we were starting to get quite fed up with waiting but our dessert cravings made us stay =P

It was quite full on this Saturday night, we managed to find a side of the long table free - had to squeeze past this decorated pole in the middle of the seating area, such bad non-ergonomical design lucky we're not that fat! =P

Apple crumble cheese - wholesome fresh apples, raisins and cheese with a perfect combination of crushed macadamia and pecan nuts

This was a very interesting cake - the cheese part of the cake wasn't very strong which was a bit disappointing 'cause we wanted the cheesey-ness of cheesecakes! But there were lots of big bits of apple inside and loved the crumble on top and the biscuit base =)

Cocoa mocha - interesting mix of mocha and melted chocolate

Since we weren't getting coffees we went for a coffeeish cake as opposed o a full chocolate cake which tends to be too rich for us. Many layers, with the top half of the cake mocha flavoured and the bottom half chocolate flavoured =) Interspersed layers of cake and cream/mouse- delicious!

The table next to us ordered savoury foods - actually, they only ordered 3 serves of the Award winning Irish lamb shank - tender lamb shank marinated with SR blend of seasonal vegetables, spices and fresh herbs and slow cooked served with mashed potatoes and toasted bread. Must be very delicious - smelt quite good and the meat looked like it was falling off the bone, may try it next time I come here!

6/10 - quite delicious cakes =)

2/5 - very poor seating area especially that massive decorated pole in the middle with limited room to walk around =/

1/5 - soo slow at the cashier! though the cakes came fast - I mean, how hard is it to cut slices of cakes? =P


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