Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Aix Café Creperie Salon

Aix Café Creperie Salon
24 Centre Place, Melbourne
(Ph) 9662 2667

Brunch with E again :) I had been meaning to come here and blog about it for a while but never got around to it so here goes! It's a tiny cafe at Centre Place - the tables are very compact and table space is minimal - no room for 2 plates if you really wanted 2 crepes lol.

I had initially wanted to come for the traditional savoury or sweet crepes but saw the Specials at the bottom of the menu and the lasagna crepe caught my attention!

So I got the Beef crepe lasagna $9.00

I dunno what I expected but it wasn't like this =P I saw the waiter take a slice out of the cupboard and I dunno how they heated it up but the crepe was still crispy - in the oven quickly? It was oozing with delicious meat sauce and topped with lots of tomato sauce - if only there was more bechamel sauce in it and more cheese! There was lots of tomato-y water at the bottom of the plate - would have been better if the liquid wasn't there so the crepe at the bottom could be crispier!

E saw I ordered the beef lasagne and was intrigued and got the Vegetable crepe lasagna $9.00 instead.

It looks much tidier without the excess tomato water at the bottom so her crepe was crispier and full of delicious cheesy vegetables.

6.5/10 - not your typical crepes but was very original and delicious =) next time will come here to try their normal crepes~

2/5 - very cramped there so we didn't feel like we wanted to sit around to chat too long

3/5 - polite waiters =)

Definitely want to come here again and try their normal crepes... especially a sweet one =) see how they compare to the delicious Choix Creperie Cafe ones - I've realised savoury crepes have a tendency to be softer compared to sweet ones which are generally crispier like when I went to Roule Galette or even to Le Petite Creperie... we'll see about that next time =)


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