Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pappa Rich

Pappa Rich
Level 2, Qv Square, 210 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne
(Ph) 9654 2682

We were catching up with D for his birthday, last time we had wanted to come to Pappa Rich but the line was too long and we had too big a group to wait... this time it was a raining Monday night we thought the line wouldn't be too long... but how wrong we were! There were still 15 numbers to go wait through! =/ D's train was delayed so we figured since we were waiting for him anyway might as well wait for a table... he got here and we still had to wait another 10mins... we were starving so had high expectations now!

The menu is very colourful and was seriously food porn =D You write what code the dishes/drinks you want are on the pad and press the bell and a waiter comes and takes it for you =)

P decided to go for the Pappa Special Biryani Rice (3 Dishes) with Sambal Eggplant, Fried Chicken, Sambal Prawns - our Pappa special nasi biryani comes with aromatic Indian spiced rice, a medley of sambal eggplant, fried chicken and sambal prawns $13.90

His food came very quickly and looked very good. A mix of Indian and Malaysian flavours - the rice was a dry flavourful rice, went well with the spicy sambal dishes. I ate all the eggplant 'cause P doesn't like them - they're fried then coated in sambal sauce, was quite spicy but quite tasty. The fried chicken was crispy skinned but the meat was tender and soft. And a bonus papadum!

I got a Iced Pappa Cham (Coffee + Milk Tea) $3.90

Love coffee + milk tea... creamy and frothy =) Lucky I had this to wash down the spiciness of all the foods =P

Our dessert came before my main dish =/ P wanted to try the Roti Bom - a variant of roti canai. It is thicker and sweeter and served with condensed milk and sugar $5.80

The plate looks very bare but was surprisingly the most delicious dish! The roti is crunchy yet soft and fluffy... delicious dipped in the condensed milk and sugar <3

We asked the waiters why my dish took so long and a few seconds later it arrived =) Roti Canai with Curry Chicken - the ever popular roti canai with a serve of our delicious curry chicken $9.80

This roti is lighter and fluffier than the Roti Bom one! =) The curry chicken was super soft but the curry was so spicy - I really need to train up my spiciness tolerance =P Not sure what the other 2 sauces are - I thought they were both spicy (probably 'cause my mouth was on fire the whole time =P) but P said one was spicy and one was kinda sweet? I didn't really dip them much - ended up eating this roti with the condensed milk and sugar on the Roti Bom dish =P

6.5/10 - really feels like you're transported to Malaysia! quite genuine food =) love the roti and the Cham (coffee+milk tea)!

1/5 - made us wait in the cold and rain for 30mins and told us off for standing in the way =/ then my dish took so long to come =(

2/5 - quite comfortable and WARM inside but 'cause there was a constant line outside felt kinda pressured to eat quickly and leave quickly =/

Will definitely be back.. maybe when the line dies down a bit =P


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