Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dessert Story

Dessert Story
195 Little Bourke St, Melbourne
(Ph) 9650 7776

Sunday afternoon P for once didn't want lunch but felt like dessert! =O Of course I was up for it - P said we should check out Dessert Story if there isn't too long a line. I had been meaning to try it for a while now but everytime I pass it there's always a massive line of people outside =/ It's a newish dessert chain specializing in Taiwanese and Hong Kong desserts - there aren't many of them around, not good ones anyway. Luckily enough, we managed to get a seat straight away =)

You order at the counter first then take the number to a table. The tables are awkwardly big and heavy and hard to move but there was plenty of space so it didn't matter much.

Interior design is pretty cool with the lanterns. Check out the wallpaper - fake bookshelf of "Dessert Story" books =)

It was a freezing day so we both wanted hot desserts. P thought his one came hot only, while he actually thought I wanted mine COLD 'cause I usually like cold desserts =/ P quickly went back to the counter to ask if we could change both our bowls to hot but they said they're already making the desserts so couldn't change it ><

P got the Black Glutinuous Rice with Coconut Jelly and Coconut Milk $6.00

I'm not a fan of glutinous rice but it was quite tasty and not overly sweet - love coconut jelly =)

I got one of the recommended Taro Ball series bowls - Taro Mash + Honey Bean + Pearl $6.00

Silly P ordered it cold for me - so the toppings were on top of shaved ice argh! I wonder what it would be if I ordered it hot? I love taro so I thought I would love the taro balls but they kinda taste like glutinous balls with a mildly taro flavoured coating - wasn't very flavoursome =/ The taro mash was very delicious though, and the honey beans were really tasty - they're kinda like glutinous balls too but the honey flavour is throughout the balls =) The sweetly cooked peanuts were yummy too. I'm not a fan of pearls but all the bowls had pearls in it so I didn't have a choice, and P likes pearls anyway =) they had put a syrup or something in the shaved ice so it was a very tasty dessert overall - though it did freeze me haha!

6/10 - not many Asian dessert places around so will definitely be back for more! Wanna try the Tofu Pudding next time =)

3/5 - food came super quick, too quick for us to change our bowls from hot to cold ><

3/5 - very nice on this Sunday afternoon =) though I've heard it is very busy at nights, especially weekends!


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