Saturday, June 2, 2012


175 Acland St, St Kilda
(Ph) 9534 4456

We were in the area so thought we should grab brunch at one of the cafes here - Veludo was one of the restaurants in my Entertainment book 25% off =)

It was such a cold windy morning so we decided to sit inside under one of the heaters ahh ^^

P, as per usual, got the big fat pommy bastard: 2 eggs, bacon, hashbrown, roast tomato, pork chipolatas, mushrooms, chilli tomato pickle & toast $19

What a strange long plate! The hashbrown was homemade and super delicious! Crunchy on the outside yet still soft inside =) How come when I try to make it it's so fail?! =( The chilli tomato pickle was surprisingly really good with the chipolatas, not too chilli but not just like a tomato chutney either, and there were far more mushrooms than P liked which I was happy about =)

After my delicious corn fritters at Cheeky Monkey, I decided to get the corn & zucchini fritters, smoked salmon, watercress, persian feta, honey mustard $16

This was a bit disappointing =( I was expecting crunchy tall fritters but these are pancake-like like the Alcove Cafe ones =/ BUT they were much tastier, at least had some flavour and was slightly fried on the outside =P The honey mustard was really nice with the "pancakes" but wish they were more generous with it. The persian feta tasted like normal fetta but more mushy which made it easier to spread on the "pancakes" =P wish they had like an avocado salsa or something instead of the watercress though.

As we left we heard someone at the next table complain their baked beans was cold =/ hmmm... not sure if I'll come back here if not for the voucher...

5/10 - was alright but P's dish was better than mine~

2/5 - felt good under the heater =)



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