Sunday, June 10, 2012

Crown Seafood Festival

8 Whiteman St, Southbank

The Crown Seafood Festival was on again =) After our seafood platters at the Great Ocean Road we were craving some more! There are a few dishes that you can have Asian or Western-style at various Crown restaurants, and there are some restaurant-specific seafood dishes too.

There's an Asian or Western style seafood platter - the seafood is the same except they have different marinades and the Asian one is served with rice noodles instead of chips and salad. We wanted the Western one =)

Western-style hot and cold seafood platter for two - $49.90
Cold - Freshly shucked Tasmanian oysters with chilli lime dressing, Australian sea scallops with Mediterranean salsa, cooked Tiger prawns, Tasmanian smoked salmon, marinated green shell mussels and cooked spanner crab served with thousand island dressing
Hot - Grilled prawns skewers, crumbed calamari rings, grilled bay bugs, salt and pepper calamari, beer battered flathead and deep fried battered prawns served with a side salad and hand cut chips

There are a few restaurants you can go to to get the Western seafood platter - The Pub at Crown, Emporio della Pasta, Margo's, Riverside Restaurant and Teak Room Restaurant. The Pub at Crown and Emporio della Pasta are the only ones that aren't on the gaming floor - we didn't want to eat in there if possible, and I had an Entertainment Voucher for Emporio della Pasta so we decided to go there and see if we could use it as well.

We got there at 6pm - lucky we got there early because 15mins after we sat down there was a massive line outside the restaurant already! We ordered straight away - knew what we wanted anyway. P was tempted to order a pasta as well - the pastas around us smelt soo delicious but we resisted our urges, we came here for seafood not pasta =P

There were other seafood specials too -
Half kilo of prawns served with Thousand Island sauce - $14.90
Half crayfish Mornay - Half crayfish with rich creamy Mornay sauce, hand cut chips, garden salad and lemon vinaigrette - $24.90

But the platter was meant to be for 2 already so we settled for it.

The platter came very quickly - I guess they prepare it all 'cause they know many people would be ordering the seafood specials.

The top layer was the hot foods..

And the bottom layer was the cold foods..

And our sides of chips and salad =)

It was super delicious and satisfying =D Our favourites would be the battered flathead, the calamari rings and the grilled bug. P really liked the prawns - all the seafood was very fresh =) And the chips were crunchy yet soft on the inside... mmm! We were actually quite full by the end of it - it doesn't look that big but luckily we didn't order anything else.

To our surprise, they actually let us use the Entertainment voucher - bonus! Wish they have this all the time =)

The couple on the table next to us sat down after us and saw our platter and asked what we thought of it. We recommended it to them which they super liked too =) Then the couple sitting on their other side sat down after them and saw their platter and ordered it too! Haha I'm glad our recommendations were appreciated =P But yes, definitely worth it even without the discount!

7/10 - very fresh and tasty seafood =)

2/5 - it was quite busy so took us a while to catch their attention for some more tomato sauce but then again it is a family restaurant

2/5 - quite loud but like I said, it is a family restaurant =)


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