Sunday, June 3, 2012

La Camera

La Camera
2 Southgate Ave, Southbank
(Ph) 9699 3600

A friend came down to Melbourne from Brisbane so we caught up over some Italian food =) He was staying at Southbank so wanted to go somewhere close by - looked in my Entertainment Book again and came across La Camera.

We made a booking but when we got there they said we could pick inside or outside. We sat inside at first 'cause it was a cold night but then realised outside would have a much nicer view of the Yarra River and would be warm under the heaters =)

P wanted a pizza and I wanted a pasta - usually it's the other way round strange =P He got the Alla Salsiccia – tomato base, mozzarella, Italian sausage, caramelized onion, roasted capsicum, fresh basil and olive oil $21.50

So different they don't cut your pizza for you at all and give you all your own pizza cutter lol. And it was actually very difficult to cut with it! Had to run over the pizza multiple times and kept pushing the toppings around =/ Pretty sure they have a much stronger pizza cutter or something 'cause we totally made a mess =P Was alright, crust was quite good but they weren't very generous with their sausage. It's very much like the Salsiccia at Espressino Coffee and Bar (which is the same as +39 Pizzeria) Neither are fantastic - this one didn't have much cheese while the one at Espressino had those nasty Porcini mushrooms.

I got the Rigatoni Pollo - Rigatoni tossed with slow roasted chicken pieces and mushrooms in a cream sauce with a touch of pesto $17.90

We had made some super delicious pasta at home that week so I was craving some more creamy chicken pasta =) P thought it wasn't salty enough but I quite liked it especially after the waiter came and added lots of parmesan cheese on top for me =D The chicken was clustered at the bottom in the middle so at first we thought they were stingy with their chicken but we ended up with too much at the end. Though would have been better if they were more generous with their mushrooms. It was very tasty with the touch of pesto - think I want to try making this myself next time =)

We usually don't order desserts when we go out but P had a sweet craving so we got the Sticky Date Pudding - Mouth watering traditional pudding, served warm with butterscotch sauce and our homemade rum and raisin ice-cream $12.90

It was more like a cake as opposed to a pudding, a bit dense but the butterscotch sauce was delicious and the rum and raisin ice-cream was definitely a thumbs up! Wish they gave us more than a tiny scoop!

5/10 - was alright, my pasta was much better than P's pizza and would definitely come back for their icecream =P

4/5 - very nice on the balcony under the heater with the river view in front of us =)

3/5 - very attentive waiters~


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