Monday, June 4, 2012

Coconut House

Coconut House
449 Elizabeth St, Melbourne
(Ph) 9329 6401

M was back in Melbourne and she was craving some authentic Asian food so we decided to go to Coconut House. There are 2 Coconut House's - they opened another one 2 doors down to cater for the growing number of customers but neither are very big so there was still a short wait for a table. You order the food at the counter so service is not great here but the food is quite cheap and generally quite tasty =)

We both got the Hainanese Chicken Rice, M got it with extra ginger which was an extra $1 but they both looked pretty much the same lol =/

It comes with a bowl of soup (no idea what type of soup it is, was a bit oily actually =/) and a tea egg (could have been darker but still quite tasty). The rice was deliciously soft and moist and full of chicken flavour =)

The plate of chicken doesn't look that big but was actually very filling - all the pieces were boneless and the meat was so soft and smooth =) And the lightly sweet sauce is super tasty especially when added to the chicken rice. M really liked the spicy sauce at the end of the plate which I'm glad they didn't mix together =P

M also ordered a plate of BBQ Pork to share since she said she can't get it back home =P

Delicious with its sweet glaze and moist meat - not the best in Melbourne but not bad either.

I was really thirsty so I got the Teh C - 3 coloured tea made from gula melaka (coconut palm sugar), evaporated milk and then tea.

Looks good as it is but after mixing looks like a normal Teh Tarik - smooth and milky and simply yummy =D

7.5/10 - delicious foods and very cheap too!

2/5 - you order at the counter so there isn't much service here but what can you expect?

1/5 - it was actually quite full on this Monday night, we had to wait a bit and even so, were seated right at the back right next to the kitchen... definitely don't come here for anything but the food =P


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