Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mother Chu's Taiwanese Gourmet

Mother Chu's Taiwanese Gourmet
86-88 Dixon St, Sydney
(Ph) 9211 0288

We were in Sydney! Unfortunately P caught a cold and felt like some congee. We asked his friend to take us to a congee place and he took us to Mother Chu's in the middle of Chinatown. I've walked past this restaurant multiple times before but had never stepped foot in it.

So P got a bowl of fish congee - doesn't look that special but it was quite tasty and homey. They could have been a bit more generous with the fish though - there were only a couple of pieces in it.

P can never resist a BBQ pork bun - doesn't look that fab and pretty sure it's not freshly steamed.

The BBQ pork was quite juicy but the bun was not as fluffy as I'd like it.

Me and P's friend shared 2 dishes - you tiao wrapped with egg pancake...

...and you tiao wrapped with spring onion pancake

Apparently it's their specialty here... everyone gets it... the table next to us got 6 of these (one per person o_Oa). It's not that special... it's just a pancake wrapping a you tiao lol... though the you tiao was quite authentic, crunchy yet fluffy inside... not like when we have it at home where we just reheat some pre-fried you tiao. I liked the spring onion pancake better than the egg pancake though it was quite chewy... after a whole serve of it my mouth was quite tired from chewing =P I did dip my you tiao in P's congee despite him telling me I'd get sick (which I didn't =P) and that was very yummy =)

P's friend had actually worked here in the past and customers were allowed to bring outside foods in (or they didn't care) but they had changed the rules and when she brought out some dessert she had made in a cooking class for us to try, the waiter very rudely told us it wasn't allowed even though there were no signs or anything =/

5/10 - was alright, very homey feel, come here if you're homesick =P

2/5 - tables are very close together and the wall is made from glass so you feel like you're sitting right next to the people sitting outside =/

2/5 - very quick, but very abrupt and kinda rude =S


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