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15 Goulburn St, Haymarket
(Ph) 9211 1668

Mamak was one of the restaurants recommended to us to try in Sydney. We knew they don't take bookings and the line is usually fairly long, so we came here at 6pm and lucky there were only 2 groups of people in front of us. 5mins later the line was down the road already - phew! We were so excited while waiting, watching the chefs spin out the rotis paper thin and frying it - so hungry!

The 5 of us had to squish at a 4 people table - actually, they don't really have tables bigger than 4 so we had to make do. We decided to get a few mains, some satay and some roti to share - satays and roti are famous here =)

First came the Rojak - a Malaysian style salad. Prawn and coconut fritters, fried tofu, hard-boiled eggs, freshly shredded yambean and cucumber, topped with a thick spicy peanut sauce $14

This was the best main dish - the prawn and coconut fritters were very crunchy, the cucumber was super fresh and was delicious with the peanut sauce =) and what is yambean?!

My brother wanted Kari ayam - Classic chicken curry cooked with freshly ground spices and chunky potatoes $16

Big chunks of chicken and potato - curry was a bit too spicy for me but was tasty with the roti =)

We always get Nasi Lemak on Air Asia flights - they never taste great so we decided to try a genuine one here. Nasi lemak - fragrant coconut rice accompanied by an ensemble of sambal, peanuts, crispy anchovies, cucumber and hard-boiled egg. Arguably Malaysia's national dish $8.50. Dad decided to add sambal prawns/cuttlefish for $4

The coconut rice was so delicious but wow! Sambal is RIDICULOUSLY spicy =/ Even Dad said it was spicy for him haha... don't know how people can eat and enjoy this?!

I liked the rotis more =) Roti telur - classic egg roti $6.50

I wonder why they squish this roti up into a ball? I guess it gets it more fluffy inside? Soft yet crispy YUM =) They give you 2 curry sauces and a small blob of sambal sauce *shivers*

We also got the Roti telur bawang - egg and onions, a must for omelette lovers $7

This one wasn't as special - it was really like an omelette pancake.

Since we thought 2 wouldn't be enough for the 5 of us, we also got the Roti planta - a rich buttery roti $6.50

Super buttery and fluffy and crunchy - recommend =)

We also got a mixed plate of satay. Satay - grilled over flaming charcoal for that authentic Malaysian flavour. Served with a sweet and spicy peanut sauce. $16 for a dozen - mixed chicken and beef.

We were actually soo full by now, lucky the satay aren't that big. Actually thought they were a tad too dry, but was still tasty with the peanut sauce.

We of course had to get some Malaysian drinks. Teh tarik - classic Malaysian sweetened tea, "stretched" for a frothy topping $3.50

The famous Teh Tarik - frothy and creamy and sweet!

Since P was slightly sick, he got the Teh halia - teh tarik with a hint of ginger $3.50

It was really just like a teh tarik with a hint of ginger - super like!

The curries were making me quite hot so I got a Teh ais - ice milk tea $3.50

It's not as rich or creamy as the Teh Tarik but still had the same taste - so much nicer than western tea!

We were soo full but there's always room for dessert =) Ordered the Roti bom - a truly indulgent roti served thicker, richer and sweeter $8.50 (allow 20mins)

This is like the one we had at Pappa Rich, thick, crispy caramelised sides with a fluffy soft inside - I can't decide if I like it with icecream here or with condensed milk and sugar at Pappa Rich.

The best dish came last. Roti tisu - paper-thin, extra-crispy and served tall $9.50

How fantastic does this look? Super thin and crispy dusted with sugar - wish I had room to eat a whole one by myself this was so unique and delicious =)

8/10 - delicious! Especially roti tisu <3 a must have!

2/5 - quite loud and squishy in there - they need tables that cater for more than 4 people!

3/5 - it's very busy so the waiters are always running around doing everything

Will definitely come back here next time I'm in Sydney!


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