Thursday, July 26, 2012

Q Eleven

Q Eleven
303 Coventry St, South Melbourne
(Ph) 9645 7311

Another ☆☆☆ recommendation by the Cheap Eats Guide! It's a little cafe right next to the South Melbourne markets - I've walked past it so many times on my shopping trips there but had never stepped inside it before. And I find out my friend works here casually =) 

It's quite small, and you can see inside the kitchen which doesn't look very big with a single chef. P was hungry so he decided to go for the Spicy chicken, toasted ciabatta, mustard aioli, avocado mash, fresh tomato, bacon $14.50

It was delicious! Toasted ciabatta with fresh ingredients and just a touch of spice in the chicken =)

I'm always a sucker for corn fritters - Corn fritters, a poached egg, avocado mash, tomato chutney $13.90

Lately I've been having alot of corn fritters that are pancake like instead of fritter like - but this pancake-like fritter was still crunchy and yummy =) And the tomato chutney went well with the avocado mash - P who normally doesn't like avocado wanted more of my dish =P

7.5/10 - delicious! Wanna try all the other dishes on the menu

3/5 - very friendly homely waiters... think they're mainly family members working here

4/5 - lovely cosy little cafe =)

Next time will try to come when my friend is working!


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