Thursday, July 12, 2012

Iron Chef Chinese Seafood Restaurant

Iron Chef Chinese Seafood Restaurant
84 Broomfield St, Cabramatta

Yumcha again! This time we wanted to venture out to the suburbs since we had a car and since we had  gone to The Eight at Chinatown a few days ago already. We had been to Iron Chef at Cabramatta last time we came to Sydney - from what we remember there was a large variety of foods and it was all quite tasty. So we decided to come here again - plus P said he had never been to Cabramatta and wanted to come see what it's like =P The car trip took so ridiculously long though - like nearly 45 minutes from the city omg =___= if we had known we wouldn't have bothered!

Took forever trying to find a park - how could there be such a big restaurant and no designated parking or carpark around?! Didn't have to wait at all for a table though - weird.

Ordered some normal dishes like beef balls, chicken feet and ox tongue puff - not bad but not that spectacular either.

Dad got a plate of pig hock - it's just skin and some tendon I don't understand why you would bother eating it =/it's quite bland though there is a sauce to dip it in. I guess it's kinda like chicken feet but at least that has black bean taste etc =P

Got some BBQ pork buns (juicy meat and very soft bun) and some beef intestines (yummy and chewy!)

The plates of roast meat looked very fresh and crisp -  we were deciding between roast pork or roast duck - got duck instead. Crispy skin and soft delicious meat - Dad was saying we should have got half a duck instead of just one small plate =P Even the peanuts were full of flavour and soft mmmm

Crispy Taro puffs - these were a bit disappointing. The insides weren't very tasty, not sure if it was off or there were just some very strange marinades inside or something =/

We asked the manager (or a waiter who was dressed like the manager) to order us a Runny Sand bun (流沙包) but he zoomed past us and didn't even acknowledge he heard us - rude to the max! =/

But the buns came so he must have heard us say the order =/ Anyway, these buns actually weren't that good. They were more like Egg Custard buns (奶皇包) which I really don't like 'cause it's too creamy and milky =( Boo! Runny Sand buns are my favourite yumcha dish now <3 craving delicious ones at Shark Fin now - still are the best ever!

Pork dumplings...

BBQ pork rice noodle rolls...

Blackbean spareribs...

Nothing too special - were all alright dishes.

5/10 - was alright, nothing was that fantastic except the roast duck. Not worth travelling the 45mins here for!

2/5 - rowdy Asian yumcha atmosphere

1/5 - such poor service from the manager! It actually happened twice - we got his attention to put an order for the rice noodle rolls and he fully walked passed us again and didn't say anything or acknowledge us saying anything! The food came but still! So rude =/

Not sure if we would bother coming all the way out here next time we're in Sydney...


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