Thursday, July 5, 2012

Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe

Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe
91 George St, Sydney
(Ph) 8274 7500

P and I were just strolling along the Rocks in Sydney when he needed to go to the bathroom so we just decided to go in Guylian and have some afternoon tea =P I couldn't complain!

Things are not cheap here - we were thinking of getting the Chocolate Degustation Plate - a selection of Guylian cakes, desserts chocolates, icecream served with a hot chocolate $35 but thought that was a bit too much for afternoon tea, and neither P and I like chocolate pieces so we went for a single dessert and a drink.

We chose a dessert from the counter - Guylian Praline Brulee Tart $8.50

P doesn't normally like tarts but he enjoyed the chocolate hazelnut praline with the creamy fondant layer below - it's like a Belgium praline in a tart! =) The chocolate layer was quite rich so it was nice with the short tart and the creamy fondant layer. Don't know if the raspberry (?) they put on the plate really goes well with it but anyway =P

We also got a Guylian Praline shake - Praliné ice cream with Guylian chocolate sauce $11.00

Bit disappointing it comes in a plastic cup and not a metal milkshake cup or even just a normal ceramic cup? We didn't ask for takeaway or anything. Though it was quite delicious - creamy and chocolatey with chocolate flakes, and very filling!

5/10 - very rich chocolately foods but quite expensive =(

2/5 - waiters are very attentive, too attentive actually wouldn't give us a few minutes to decide what we wanted =P

2/5 - quite peaceful watching the sunset by the window =)


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