Friday, July 27, 2012

Taco Bill

Taco Bill
412 Collins St, Melbourne 
(Ph) 9670 4327

I had a Shop-a-Docket voucher for Taco Bill - buy one main get one free =) I had been meaning to try it out for ages, for some reason P has something against Mexican restaurants so it took us forever to finally come try it out.

We came to this one on Collins Street - it's like underground and looks slightly dingy but the waiters were very nice and were actually Mexican! (well they spoke Spanish =P) We got a bowl of corn chips and some salsa to start of with w00t freebies! The salsa was hotter than what we were used to but had lots of stuff in it =)

P wanted to get a Fruit Margarita $9.90 - we asked the waiter what was the most popular flavour and she said strawberry so we went with it =( Quite expensive but super delicious - fruity but slightly alcoholy! Totally wanted one each ><

The menu had lots of different things we had never heard of before but we decided to go for "Great for Beginners" dish and the "Our No. 1 Favourite" dish =)

The Beginners dish is a bit of everything. La Combinacion - beef enchilada, beef taco and beef taquito, served with frijoles and rice $21.50

This was super delicious! The beef was like pulled beef, soft and tender and full of flavour. Too bad the taco was a bit soft from the sauce it was sitting on =( The enchilada was cheesy and my favourite! So that's what a taquito is - it's a corn tortilla rolled up with beef filling and deep fried. Never had it before but I quite liked it with the salsa =) And frijoles! <3 Back when we used to frequent Montezuma's, I loved eating the beans mush you get on the side of the dishes - why can't they just call it bean mush =P Too bad they didn't give enough corn chips to go with it.

The No 1 favourite dish is the Fajitas - thinly sliced strips of marinated chicken sauteed with red and green capsicum and onion, served "sizzling" and accompanied by fresh guacamole, Mexican rice and warm flour tortillas $25.95

You wrap it up in the tortillas and eat it like a taco.

This dish sounds better than it tastes. The chicken was stir fried and marinated but the wraps felt like they were missing some cheese or sauce to be considered a Mexican dish. Maybe 'cause I'm so used to Old El Paso enchiladas =P And the guacamole and lettuce doesn't seem to go well with the stir fry =/

6/10 - go for the Beginners combination dish and definitely the margaritas!

3/5 - the underground restaurant turned out to be quite cosy =)

4/5 - very good here with the Mexican waiters =P


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