Monday, July 30, 2012

Spaghetti Tree

Spaghetti Tree
59 Bourke St, Melbourne
(Ph) 9650 3174

P didn't feel like cooking tonight so we decided to go out. Spaghetti Tree had been on the back of my mind for a while, I had a 25% off Entertainment voucher, and it always seems packed so we decided to go check it out. I got there at 7pm and the waiter asked if I had made reservations and I said no =/ Then she asked me if it was a table for one lol 'cause P wasn't there yet =P She said they were pretty fully booked but could put us on a table up the back so we went in. Up the back meant right next to the musician with his piano and violin - he was playing many classical and pop songs it was quite nice though it made it very difficult to talk =/

The tables here are all sorts of shapes and sizes - there were even tables that were ex-sewing machines! You can see the pedal under the table in the photo below =P

P wanted a starter so we got the Bruschetta - toasted Italian bread with pesto, tomato and basil $8.00

The bruschetta was actually a bit spicy strangely enough =/ And the toppings were really wet which made the bread soggy though the crust was really hard like it was stale =S We should have gone for the garlic bread like I wanted =(

P got Linguini with Meatballs - home made beef meatballs in a delicious Napolitana sauce $19.50

It was quite good, they were quite generous with the meatballs. And the spinach added an extra touch to the dish =) Though the pasta was cooked right through instead of al dente which is what P likes, but apparently most Australians like our pasta cooked through?

I thought I'd go for something different and try the Canneloni - home made meat, cheese and spinach blended with ham and eggs and then baked into a pasta roll, covered with our bolognaise sauce $19.50

Doesn't look very appetising does it? The canneloni mixture was a mush of I-dunno-what (it doesn't taste like cheese+spinach+ham+eggs at all). It was very salty and actually was a bit hard, like it was premade and heated up again so it was quite hard =/ The bolognaise sauce was quite good - there was more bolognaise sauce than there was actual canneloni. Maybe the lasagne would have been better lol.

5/10 - quite average, so surprised this restaurant is always so full! I don't think the pastas are worth $20 each

2/5 - very loud but the music was quite good

2/5 - was very busy on this night and the waiters weren't all dressed in waiter gear so it was hard to tell who's who =/


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