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2/168 Bourke St, Melbourne
(Ph) 9663 0033

My friend wanted waffles at night that wasn't Max Brenner's - the only place I could think of was Cacao Green or Passionflower. He didn't want frozen yoghurt so Passionflower it was =)

P was thirsty so decided to get a drink first - Honey & Banana Ice Cream Milkshake $7.00

Looks quite plain and ordinary but was creamy and definitely quenched our thirst =) Made us want to make our own milkshakes at home! Too bad they didn't give it to us in the metal milkshake cups =P

There are so many desserts to choose from, with very temptingly delicious names and descriptions! And so many Asian flavours like durian, taro, coconut, red bean, green tea, sticky rice etc etc.

P and I decided to share the Masterpiece - this is an absolute cracker, treat yourself to this ultimate desert fantasy platter, chocolate banana crepe, tiramisu, green tea mousse, strawberry short stacks and ultimate pleasures of taro, coconut and sticky rice ice creams $25.00

Wow this was a massive platter of deliciousness! Loved the tiramisu <3 P really liked the green tea mousse and the short stack of pancakes - super fluffy! Also loved the icecream waffle cup - P hates taro normally but actually liked the taro icecream accompanied by glutinous balls =)

My friend saw the Lasting Love - strawberry and mango icecream dressed with a cocktail mix of kiwis, peaches and strawberries, dazzled with strawberry syrup and wanted to order it just for the name =P He told the waiter he wanted the Everlasting Love, and the waiter goes "you mean Lasting Love?" and my friend goes "No, I want Everlasting Love" *wink wink* so embarrassing!

Turned out to be a deliciously fruity dessert anyway =P

We were so full after it all - the waiter came and took our plates away and then brings out this cake and said it's their new cake and is complimentary from the chef! It's a green tea layered cake with green tea cream, red bean topping and vanilla icecream.

P enjoyed this but we were just so full by this stage had no room for it! The layered cake was actually layers of pancake and green tea mousse so it was too creamy for my liking. Still, free food definitely no complaints =)

7/10 - very delicious and uniquely Asian flavours, the only downside is the price!

3/5 - so warm in there - they had the heater on massively high, quite nice in the middle of Winter =P

3/5 - the waiters were very prompt, the girls were dressed with very minimal clothes =P guess the heater makes it quite warm in there lol..


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Came back here with the college gang a few months ago... we all got different desserts to try - check out their exotic names and descriptions lol =P

S and I shared the Pandora's box - indescribable, too wonderful for words, discover through the fragrant world of pandan and durian ice creams on coconut jelly, glutinous balls and set in red bean 

<3 durian icecream! though neither us of were fans of the coconut jelly or the glutinous balls - kinda like tasteless bits of chewiness =/ Don't know why but alot of the desserts had a shot glass next to it - we got a shot of coconut cream which complimented the flavours quite nicely.

And below are the other ppl's desserts - they're all huge I don't know how some of them managed to finish the whole thing! Sharing ours we were stuffed already! =P All were quite delicious, some fruity, some Asian flavours, some chocolately - something for everyone =) Would be nice if they made smaller portion desserts though for the times that we don't want that much! I guess that's when you just get a scoop of icecream but that's not cheap either =/

Final fantasy - our very famous black sesame & coconut ice creams accompanied by cool refreshing pieces of black jelly, drowned in a shot of evaporated milk

Sublime - a deep refreshing pond of lemon lime bitter jelly on a pack of shaved ice with a transparent reflection of peach & kiwi compliments to be indulged with a cool freeze of wild lime sorbet

Fill me in - if you love chocolate, this is for you! super rich chocolate mud ice creams covered with chocolate cookie crunch & spiked with a chocolate flake

Gold digger - chase to arouse your senses of wealth and riches, bathed in a pool of passionfruit shaved ice jelly syrup, sensuously covered with lychee & orange compote and a golden scoop of mango icecream

and lucky last which I don't know what it's called... some sorta chocolate thing =P

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