Monday, August 27, 2012

Mad Mex

Mad Mex
Southern Cross Station
(actually many locations around Melbourne now..)

Suddenly so many Mexican restaurants popping up in Melbourne, I still haven't managed to make myself line up for Mamasitas yet, but we recently went to Taco Bill which really whet my appetite for more Mexican food =)

Mad Mex is a fast-foodish chain store started in Sydney, but now there are a few opened up in Melbourne. There's one opened up at Southern Cross Station now and there's an Entertainment buy-1-get-1-free voucher so we thought we'd give it a go.

P said it feels kinda like Subway, which I kinda agree, you choose your base "bread", choose your filling and choose your sauces (aka salsas). 

I went for some Nachos - tortilla chips with melted queso cheese w/ black beans, sour cream, jalapenos & choice of filling $10.90. And for the filling I got the Pork (carnitas) - slow roasted, shredded, traditional style w/ garlic, onion, lime & cumin. After so many years still reminiscing the delicious pulled pork from New York =) The waiter made this straight in front of us - awesome 'cause we were starving!

Doesn't look that appetizing but surprisingly was delicious! The pork was so soft and juicy and was very refreshing with the lettuce and tomato. I'm not usually a fan of black beans but they went well with the pork =) If only they gave us some guacamole too - I thought nachos automatically come with guacamole =(

P got the Grande Melt - toasted flour tortilla, a quesadilla with the works, rolled like a burrito and toasted $10.90. For the filling he chose Chicken (pollo) - freshly grilled, seasoned w/ our chipotle adobo marinade (chemical free)

They give us a number plate and bring this out to us in only about 5 minutes - good to know they make it straight away for you =P it comes wrapped up in al-foil and P automatically rips it open.  Who's to know you're actually meant to just open it on one side and eat it while still in the al-foil so the juices don't leak out the bottom - there were actually instructions on how to eat burritos on the serviettes here which we didn't read until we got our hands drenched in burrito sauce haha =P

Lots of filling! Chicken and lots of cheeeeeese =D Too bad the juices made the tortilla soft and soggy instead of crispy =( How are you meant to eat it so it stays crispy hmm?

6/10 - quite good! I'd recommend the nachos or at least try some of their homemade tortilla chips =) Treating it as fast food, it's definitely is quite high on ratings!

1/5 - it is fast food so can't expect much service, but they could have at least cleaned the table properly for us when we asked them to..

2/5 - they need more tables here! Though the Melbourne Central store is nicer with it's own private eating area as opposed to be part of the big food court =)


Mad Mex - Fresh Mexican Grill on Urbanspoon Mad Mex - Fresh Mexican Grill on Urbanspoon

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