Wednesday, August 15, 2012


303 Lygon St, Carlton
(Ph) 9347 5759

How can you come to Melbourne without coming to Lygon Street? I've been to Il Gambero the past few times, so decided to go to the other end of Lygon St, to Tiamo. There's Tiamo, and it's sister restaurant, Tiamo 2 next door. Tiamo serves more traditional Italian dishes while Tiamo 2 has more gourmet dishes. You can order from both menus at either restaurants but we all decided to go for traditional pastas at Tiamo. It's very casual inside with lots of posters and currency notes stuck on the walls.

A plate of bread already buttered for us! Reminds me of Pellegrini's. Feels very homely and for some reason, genuinely Italian =)

You choose the sauce and the pasta type to go with it. P got Carbonara - bacon & egg $16.50 with fettucine.

Looks quite ordinary but was so creamy and filling! The pasta was cooked slightly too long so it was a bit less al dente than we would have liked.

I got the Lasagne - layers of pasta sheets filled with bechamel sauce & Bologna sauce $15.50. I was thinking of getting the Cannelloni but after my failed one at Spaghetti Tree didn't want to risk it again.

Looks ridiculously big and messy. Lots of bolognaise <3 P thought it was a bit too salty but I thought it was still not too bad. They gave us a bowl of parmesan cheese and a jar of chilli flakes, so of course I topped my lasagne full of cheesy goodness =D

6/10 - very genuine Italian food =)

2/5 - it was surprisingly packed on this weekday night, very cosy atmosphere with the dim lighting

3/5 - food came very promptly, we were starving!


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Came back here again a few months later, P got the Carbonara again but this time with penne - seemed a bit dryer this time but with they were more generous with the bacon bits =)

I got the Cannelloni - not as sloppy as the lasagne and not as salty as I remembered the lasagne to be either so both a plus =) 

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