Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Crazy Wings

Crazy Wings
177 Russell St, Melbourne
(Ph) 9663 6555

E and I had been meaning to try out Crazy Wings for a while, and finally, we decided to go and kill our taste buds. We had heard the Crazy Wings are ridiculously hot, the hottest thing ever, and neither of us are particularly good at chilli but thought we'd give it a go =P

The restaurant is a small dimly lit place with 2 chefs grilling off skewers in the open barbeque kitchen. Service is not fantastic here, the waiter put 2 cups and a tray between us, still dripping wet with water. And a pile of serviettes - little did we know we'd be using the whole pile from crying and snotting and wiping the chilli powder off our skewers =P

Ordering is quite simple here, you tick how many of each type of skewers you want - their specialty is chicken wings, but they have lots of different meats and seafood skewers, as well as offal and vegetable skewers. Most skewers range from $2 to $3, but some vegetable skewers are more expensive up to $5. There is also fried rice and other dishes but we decided to just stick with the skewers. They have special buy-1-get-1-free wings everyday - on this night it was the Lobster flavoured wings so we got 2 lots of them =) we also got a honey spicy wing, and the much dreaded Crazy Wing. Thought we should get some meat skewers to try (lamb, and chicken soft bone) and some vegetable skewers (eggplant and enoki mushroom wrapped with tofu). We had also ordered a honey BBQ mantou (steam bun) but they didn't see the tick next to it and we forgot about it until we left boo =(

First came the non-crazy wings - both the lobster wings and honey spicy wings were very tasty. Strong BBQ flavour, with some mild Sichuan pepper flavouring. The lobster wings didn't taste of lobster at all but definitely well worth the $1 per skewer (half price) =)

The best skewer though was the lamb meat - soft juicy and tender BBQ meat. The chicken soft bone was quite good too, chewy crunchiness. After a while, all the skewers tasted the same of the subtle Sichuan pepper flavour though, washed down with litres of water =P

Finally, the much anticipated Crazy Wing came to our table. We were quite worried, tables around us had 2L of milk or 2L bottles of Sprite to wash it down, and all looked like they were in pain. I took one wing off the skewer and just touched my lips with it. Initially nothing happened, but after a few seconds, my mouth was roaring with fire. I could not believe how ridiculously spicy that tiny touch could have been - even after gulping down litres of water my mouth was still on fire. I tried to just eat the meat inside and not touch the spicy skin but that was still unbearable. I don't know how anyone could enjoy this torture =/ Apparently they use Habanero chilli on these, which is one of the spiciest chilli peppers. They are rated 100,000 - 350,000 on the Scoville scale, meaning the chilli chemical stimulant needs to be diluted at least 100,000 times before it is undetectable *shivers*

Our mouths were still on fire that when the vegetables came, everything tasted the same spiciness so couldn't really enjoy them. I brushed the chilli powder off the eggplant and the tofu wrapped enoki mushrooms but still had to gulp down cups of water. We totally should have bought some milk tea or something - they sell cartons of milk tea or cans of herbal tea here which would have helped =P

After my first visit here, P brought various different friends here and dared them to try and finish a Crazy Wing. He himself couldn't do it though =P The first friend, A, nearly died after a bite. The 2nd friend, M, managed to eat one but was in much pain after it all. And the last friend, J, managed to eat the whole skewer of Crazy Wings, 2 WHOLE wings! =O we were in awe and shock! He went red and said he felt like he burnt his whole digestive tract - really don't think this is healthy for you =P

5/10 - is alright, the lamb skewers are the best, and don't order the Crazy Wings unless you want to torture yourself =P

2/5 - felt quite dirty in there but you don't come in here for the atmosphere

2/5 - poor but that was expected

Come here only if you want a chilli challenge!


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